5 Popular Destinations For Your Next Dubai Vacation

Dubai is a well-established city in UAE and is known for its wonderful architecture and tourism. Every year thousands of tourists book Dubai tour packages from all over the world visit this beautiful city for the Dubai Vacation. People go crazy over the beautiful Arabic architecture of the city; and also about the culture of the city. Dubai is a famous place for shopping, travelling and many more fun activities you can enjoy being there. Sky diving, a desert safari is to name a few. Also, Dubai is the home to the world-famous Burj Khalifa which is one of the major attractions of the city.

The night life of the city is beyond anyone’s expectations; as the city has all night going clubs, cafes and entertainment zones for you. So, if you also have been dreaming to visit this dream city; and enjoy it to the fullest. Try curating your future Dubai vacation with Roaming Routes. As we provide the most memorable and comfortable trips in budget. Also with our pay through EMI option; one can pay in bits and parts later; while enjoying in the present. Also after pandemic; we make sure to follow all the guidelines and rules of Corona; and provide you with the most sanitized stays and travel facilities.

5 Popular Destinations For Your Next Dubai Vacation-

Here is a list of 5 popular Destinations; which one should visit to on your next Dubai vacation. These places will entertain you to core and will leave a memory for lifetime.

  1. See the Dubai’s Highlight Bhurj Khalifa-

The major landmark in Dubai is the famous Bhurj Khalifa; which is a 829.8 meters tall building. This is the major attraction of Dubai; and is the tallest building of the world and steals all the popularity in Dubai. For all the tourists; seeking a view from the 124th floor is a must as you feel clouds touching you. However, the slick observation deck also gives you a 360 degree tour of the building; which has dessert at one side and ocean on the other.

One can also buy the “at the top” ticket; which lets you skip the major ques specially during the weekend and take you to the top.

Also the famous building is surrounded with beautiful gardens; and the famous Dubai Fountain which is the largest performing fountain inspired by Las Vegas fountain.

  1. Visit the Dubai Museum-

The only Mosque in Dubai that allows non-Muslim tourists to visit.The museum upper floor is finely supported by wooden poles, and the ceiling is made out of plaster and mud.

In the olden times, the fort was the home to the royal ruling family. Which was then restored in 1971; and is now a famous museum. The museum is divided into zones; where at entrance you can see old maps of Emirates and Dubai. The courtyard is a home to traditional boats and right hall features the weapons; while the left hall features the musical instruments.

Below the ground floor; the display hall is a home to 3000- 4000 years old graves. A visit to the museum will be highly knowledgeable and fun for children and elders.

  1. Visit the Jumeirah Mosque-

Jumeirah mosque is famous for its Islamic architecture; which is inspired from the Al-Azhar Mosque which is 8 times bigger in size. Dubai Museum was built in 1787. It was build-up of traditional coral blocks and held together with lime.The two major minarets of the mosque display the beautiful stone work and specially glows beautifully in the evening.

There are guided tours arranged by the Sheikhs of the mosque everyday; except from the Fridays. Therefore, one must definitely visit the beautiful mosque once; during their Dubai Vacation.

  1. Don’t Forget to shop at The Dubai mall-

Dubai mall is a famous shopping hub for all the shopping lovers; which also serves as an entrance to Bhurjkhalifa and the Dubai Aquarium. There are also a lot of entertaining activities like ice skating, gaming zones and cinema; to keep children entertained.

Also, the mall is full of surprising events and fashion shows going throughout the year.At shopping time, you can also enjoy the special and live events in Dubai.Although, the most famous one is the Annual Dubai shopping carnival which occurs from January to February every year.

  1. Visit the Dubai creek and the Al Seef District-

The creek divides the city into two; which was originally famous for attracting the fish sellers and the pearl collectors. You can watch here the cargos being loaded and loaded; also the dhows are friendly and generally give a tour to their lives to the visitors.

On the other side however is the Al Seef district, which has floating markets, coral buildings and shops selling the craft. This is a home to the amazing views of the water. If you want to visit the creek then you can take a trip of the dhows and also local ferry trip.

Take away-

Dubai tourism has attracted visitors from all over the world. And the city is promptly famous because of its rich and varied architecture and culture. It is also a shopping hub for many; as you can get everything in the city. Also the place is extremely clean and safe for visitors.

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