7 Powers of Toll-Free Numbers

7 Powers of Toll-Free Numbers

Even though email, live chat, and other ways to connect with customers are becoming more popular, research shows that most customers still prefer to call the contact center for their needs, whether they happen before or after they buy something from you. One big problem with this is that making this kind of call costs a lot of money.

People don’t like having to pay for help with a new product or information that helps them decide what to buy. They also hate having to pay for calls that have tools like IVR, hold times, switching between agents, and more. This makes them think less highly of the customer experience.

To get around these problems, the easiest thing for businesses to do is give people toll-free numbers.

These days, more companies than ever are getting the new cheapest toll-free number in India. Not expected? Not really, though. A recent poll by Gartner found that across all businesses, the use of toll-free numbers is likely to rise by more than 75%. Toll-free numbers are not only important for getting to know and serving customers better, but they can also help a business with any job, from improving toll-free number service providers to checking how well and how far their marketing campaigns reach.

So, what are the main benefits of Toll-Free?

Seven Good Things That Will Help Your Business


Your Toll-Free Number stands out right away, giving customers the idea that it is a reliable number. Toll-free numbers help you show that you’re present across the country and give the impression that you are legitimate and professional. When people call a toll-free number, they know they are calling a trustworthy business.

Do remember

People are more likely to remember and recognize toll-free numbers, especially if they are “vanity” numbers. People will notice a business owner a lot more if they use a unique phone number like 1-866-PETS-R-US instead of a random area number. Also, it’s easy and quick to assign hundreds or even thousands of Toll-Free Numbers to go with different parts of a marketing strategy. This lets you change the numbers to get a certain amount of response in a certain area and gives you more information about how well your ads are working generally.

Adapt Change

Once a customer has chosen to buy, voice-to-voice calls are still the best way to convert them and make sure they are happy. Professional sellers will tell you that voice-to-voice conversations are still the best way to make sales. A study by BIA and Kelsey found that about 30% to 50% of incoming phone calls turn into sales. This makes them the most important type of lead compared to web clicks, which only turn into sales 1% to 2% of the time. 58% of calls to a company are about purchases of $100 or more, and 28% are about purchases of $500 or more.

Make something

Text messaging gives your users another easy way to get in touch with you, and it gives your toll-free number a new way to be used. People don’t have to rely on their phone or computer as much when they text, which is why 62% of poll respondents said they would rather text a business. Texting is the most useful and cost-effective way for your business to communicate. Companies that texted customers to get them to activate their cheapest toll-free number in India said they could talk to them better (75%), and a huge 97% said that their general conversations were more effective. Not too bad.

How many?

toll-free number service provider gives you amazing new ways to test the sales and customer service skills of your agents. When combined with a click-to-call feature and cutting-edge analytics software, they can help you build a picture of a customer before they even talk to an agent. Voice recognition technology and call tracking also let businesses check how well their agents are doing across multiple channels and figure out which sales or customer service methods work best. This all-encompassing method of contact center analytics can give a business a lot of useful information and help it look into everything that happens when someone calls its toll-free number.

Toll-free lines are helpful for call centers, but they may also be the best thing for marketers.

Marketing experts can keep an eye on how well and how many people see a campaign by giving different Toll-Free Numbers to different campaign themes and parts and keeping track of the results. This advanced campaign tracking can help you figure out which ad, creative asset, and media channel are having the most effect. This can make a big difference in your marketing spending.


Contact center analytics may be able to give you more information and insights by closely looking at everything your Toll-Free Number interacts with.

Calling toll-free lets you connect with customers no matter where they are and in any way they choose. This increases the chances of closing a deal and gives you a deeper understanding of your customers and your connection with them. That’s why this is an important tool that no business should ever be without.


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