Best Playground Games You Can Try with Your Own Kids

Summer’s days are numbered, and autumn is finally here. In any case, it doesn’t have to be warm outside for you to enjoy some outdoor play time with your kids. You can take your children outside in any season if they are properly dressed.

Why is it important to play outside? Can’t you play with your kids inside as well? Of course, there are still things to do with the kids inside. However, there are some specific health benefits to getting outside. For starters, you and your children will be able to take in some fresh air. Spending time in the sun allows your skin to convert UV-B radiation into vitamin D, which is required for healthy bones.

Let’s face it: your kids are probably already getting a lot of screen time. Chances are, you are as well! Making time and space for your children to play outside is a win-win situation for them, you, and all of you.

Creative Ways to Make Your Own Backyard a Playground

Here are a few playground classics that you can easily adapt to your own backyard or driveway. Each of these games is relatively easy to set up; in fact, a few of them don’t even require any physical setup at all! You most likely played most or all of these as a child. And if your child isn’t familiar with some of these games, it’s high time you introduce them!

Hide & Seek

There is no need for preparation, and this is a game that can be played for hours as long as there are plenty of places to hide in your designated space. Simply count to ten (or twenty, or whatever) and let whoever is “it” go and hide. But, while we’re on the subject of designated space, it’s critical that you set clear boundaries for your game (for example, you can’t hide anywhere past the mailbox). Otherwise, someone may choose to hide in an out-of-bounds area, where they may never be found. Although only two people are required to play, the game becomes a lot more fun and moves much faster when several people are looking for whoever is hiding.

Freeze Tag

This playground classic has many variations (such as Mannequin Tag, Band-Aid Tag, and so on), but the basic premise remains the same. One person is “it,” and everyone else is running to avoid “it.” However, if you are tagged, you must freeze in place until another runner tags you, freeing you to run again. This game is popular among both children and teenagers, and it’s a great way to let off some steam.

Follow the Leader

This is a good one for younger kids because it doesn’t require any prior planning or supplies. Simply walk around the property, instructing the children following you to mimic your every move. That’s all there is to it, but the more creative you are, the more enjoyable it will be for your followers. Try running, hopping, skipping, or spinning in circles – the kids will try to imitate whatever you do, and the results can be quite amusing. If you come across something interesting to look at, take a moment to observe it – everyone else will, too. Just make sure that everyone has a chance to be the leader in this fun game; kids get very excited about coming up with their own ideas.

Red Light, Green Light


This game is also known as Traffic Lights, but it is a lot of fun for young children regardless of what you call it. The designated leader stands at one end of the field and shouts Green Light whenever people can move and Red Light when they must stop. Anyone caught moving during a Red Light must return to the beginning! The winner is the first person to touch the leader, and they get to be the leader for the next round of the game.

If you’re looking for other games where one person is designated as the leader and others must follow suit, Simon Says is a perennial favorite!


All you need is a paved surface and some chalk to get started with a game of Hopscotch. Make a simple grid of squares with the numbers 1 through 9. To begin, toss a small marker — such as a rock, beanbag, small toy, or whatever you have on hand — into square 1 and hop over it, continuing to hop on the remaining numbers. Turn around and hop back to the beginning, picking up your marker along the way. Pass the marker to the next player, and then throw the marker to the next number on your turn.

A player is eliminated from the round if they throw the marker to the wrong number or lose their balance and fall. The goal is to complete the entire course by placing a marker on each number. This is a fun game for kids of all ages to play. It’s a good idea to keep the game simple for younger children and then be ready to adjust the challenges as needed for older children. Top 8 Facts About Rubik’s Cube


There are numerous other Playground Equipment and games that you can engage in and incorporate in your own backyard – you are not limited to the items on this list! In any case, we hope you find this list useful as you plan backyard play experiences for your children, friends, and neighbors.

However, your children may grow tired of playing in the backyard at some point. That’s okay; there are other ways to enjoy some great outdoor play opportunities – simply take your children to a nearby playground! But what if there isn’t a suitable playground in your immediate vicinity? In that case, encourage your local park, school, faith center, or HOA group to contact Carolina Recreation & Design about installing the appropriate commercial playground facility! Carolina Recreation & Design can install whatever custom playground solution your local organization requires, as well as take care of any site planning, preparation, and amenity details.

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