From Staple to Statement, Here’s How to Style Your Adidas Sneakers

With so many different sneakers available today, choosing the ideal one might be difficult. High-tops, mid-tops, colourful, neutral, sporty, canvas, suede, and platform sneakers are just a few of the styles that are available on the shelves. They range from quite cosy to luxurious, especially when picking Adidas sneakers for women.


Our favorite item in the booming athleisure trend is a pair of sneakers, a footwear craze that generated $79 billion in revenue in 2022. They can be used for daytime activities, the workplace, and even smart-casual events. Sportswear, street style, and catwalks all feature sneakers.


We will first divide sneakers into three essential categories: statement sneakers, staple sneakers, and sporty sneakers, then I’ll reveal how to dress for each category. I’ll then discuss my three must-follow style guidelines for sneakers. Finding the ideal pair to fit your lifestyle requirements and the items in your closet will be simpler for you with the help of our advice.


The Statement Sneaker

This is the “highlight” costume that lets you truly express who you are. Styling sneakers like Adidas Forum can take a little bit of work but trust us, these shoes will become a staple in your closet. They work well with all outfits and will truly become the statement piece you want them to be.


Styling the Statement Sneaker

The statement shoe speaks for itself and gives you a fun approach to exhibiting your uniqueness or present mood. Compared to the other two categories we’ll discuss later, this category offers more mid-top (about even with your ankle bone) and high-top (around an inch beyond the top of your ankle bone) possibilities, but you can also find low-top statement sneakers.


Style this sneaker mostly with plain outfits and sturdy accessories. Keep in mind that the talking point is the shoe. They have a casual appearance and look great with joggers, leggings, and white, black, or blue denim.


Choose a shoe that catches your attention, is unique or creative, and makes you grin when you look down.


The Staple Sneaker

The most often worn pair of shoes in your closet is this sneaker, which you wear every day. It is versatile and goes well with both ultra-casual and dressy-casual outfits. With the addition of a blazer, it may even be worn to the office. The classic sneaker, of course, is ideal for the work-from-home wardrobe.


One of the most popular sneakers when it comes to both comfort and style is the Adidas Superstar. Your “new” good-old Keds are still a very adorable, cost-effective choice. Although they occasionally require a few wears to break in, however, I really like the Adidas Sambas as well. However, just like with any shoe, it takes some trying on to discover your ideal essential to go with anything.


Styling the Staple Sneaker

It’s simple to style the classic shoe. Since it is neutral, it actually complements any outfit, whether it is coloured, solid, or patterned. It is simple to put on with wide-leg pants, straight-leg jeans, or flared jeans. It goes well with midi and short dresses. The shoes give the ensemble a more relaxed, fashionable feel. As I also noted, wearing incredibly adorable shoes while feeling comfortable is always a plus.


The Sporty Sneaker

This footwear is stylish while still being incredibly comfy and athletic-looking. The more casual variation of the running shoe is the sporty sneaker. Both young and elderly like the way it looks since it is casual and cool. It features on-trend colours and details together with retro and vintage-inspired designs. Sneakers like Adidas Ultraboost are a great example of stylish yet sporty shoes.


Some of these sneakers can also be used for light to moderate exercise, although most are designed for everyday use. It is ideal for vacations that involve a lot of walking, in particular.


Styling the Sporty Sneaker

Leggings, sports shorts, and joggers are fantastic athleisure and workout wear combinations for the Sporty Sneaker. But it’s also incredibly fashionable this season to combine athletic shoes with daytime clothes and even work casual (see the blazer photo below). Ankle-length pants look ideal because sporty footwear is typically a little chunkier. When the weather starts to cool off, wear them with straight jeans or leather joggers and definitely a fall shacket. They’re returning once more!

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