Great Ideas and Solutions to Combat Climate Change


Since the start of the century, we have been educated that there is a great peril that lurks just around the corner and that is the danger of climate change. According to credible scientists, climate change will eventually become one of the most tragic events in our history as a species.

Unless we can stop it today, we will perish together with the next generation after us. Listed below is a list of basic and simple initiatives that groups and scientists have come up with that we can do to combat such a dangerous catastrophe.

The Three R’s

Simply put it is reduced, reused, and recycle. This initiative has become a household adage because of its simplistic approach that can be done both individually or as a group or company.  This initiative stipulates that in whatever we are doing if we practice reducing the waste and usage of resources to just the right amount. We can save not only cost but also our planet.

Also reusing resources and materials would also help in terms of saving those precious resources from going to waste. Lastly is recycling in which we recycle the waste. We produce so that there would be lesser materials in the landfill. It is simple yet doable on the biggest and lowest level.

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Circular Waste Cycle

This initiative is very similar to that of the three R’s yet it. This takes a step up further by having an industry-focused approach to its processes. Simple it recycles the materials that have been considered waste. Bring them back into the industry to be used to further create materials. Thus there would be lesser raw materials as such the recycled resources are already in place for most of that process.

As this includes companies and industries there are such firms who really on this to earn a living, eco-friendly companies offer circular economy packaging solutions to their clients. This approach focuses on those industries that will not fail and so will the planet.

Renewable Energy

The initiative of renewable energy is actually policies that have been mandated in many countries. Renewable energy initiatives are now considered to be one. It will save the planet from depletion and becoming bare of fuel. Also, it has become a landmark movement that veers away from coal and conventional energy used.

Many countries encourage the use of electric-powered cars and windmills. Hydro-powered plants in order to produce fuel and energy for the consumers. This one has the greatest impact in terms of initiatives taken by industries. Because it places much emphasis on the use of clean renewable energy. This produces less carbon footprint and fewer pollutants in the environment.

With so many initiatives and ideas that came up with how we can combat the dreaded climate change on our planet. It goes without saying that there are no excuses for any individual or group to not do any of it. Any simple initiative taken if done consistently will eventually have an impact.

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