From Chicago To Shadow, Here’s How To Style Nike Air Jodans For Men

Jordans are much more than simply basketball sneakers nowadays. They’re a classic piece of footwear that embodies street style and appeals to everyone from athletes and fans to sneakerheads and fashionable gentlemen. While you’ll still see them on the court with shorts, they’re just as likely to be seen on the street with a pair of jeans. Of course, pairing Jordans with jeans is more difficult than it appears. After all, there are a slew of factors to consider, including style, colour, and silhouette.


This may go without saying, but just because you purchased your rainbow 1s for a few bucks on StockX doesn’t mean you should wear them with everything. Choose neutral colours like black, white, or grey if you can only afford one or two pairs of sneakers. The “Shattered Backboard” 1s are a wonderful colorway, but they aren’t something you can wear every day.

If you can’t resist temptation, there is another choice. Maintain a neutral colour palette in your clothing. A black or white T-shirt and blue or black slacks will do the trick. In most circumstances, this looks a lot cleaner than trying to match the exact shade of red or blue from head to toe.

Make Your Jordans Stand Out From The Crowd

Jordan shoes for men are made to stand out with their amazing designs and colours. Allow them to do so by pairing them with a simple wardrobe including classic shapes, simple fabrics, and neutral colours. As a result, your clothes will be overlooked, and all eyes will be drawn to your amazing sneakers.

Think About Colour

Jordans come in a wide variety of bright colours and patterns. While this can create a striking statement look, it can also make choosing an outfit more difficult. After all, no fashionable gentleman wants to clash with his brilliantly coloured sneakers.

Create A Look That Revolves Around Your AJ1s

Isn’t it true that there’s no better place to start than with the originals? One of the most iconic Jordan 1 sneakers of all time is the Bred Jordan 1.

Because the Jordan 1 Shadow’s major colours are black and grey, you have a lot more options when it comes to what you can wear with them. It’s worth noting that layering your Jordan clothes can give them a lot of depth. In other words, your outfit shouldn’t be overly concentrated on the shoes, and you should wear elements that complement the overall look. This method is common in Jordan 1 lookbooks, as you can see in the outfit below.

This simple ensemble looks great and incorporates everything we’ve discussed thus far. The Shadow 1s look great with the checkered overshirt and basic black tee up top. The top and bottom are divided by colour palette by donning a pair of slightly distressed light blue jeans. This means that the shoes will get a lot of attention without needing to do much. Simplicity is crucial, and you can see why it works so well with this Jordans and jeans combo.

Without a question, the Chicago Jordan 1s are one of the finest sneakers of all time. The colorway pays homage to Michael Jordan’s tenure as a member of the Chicago Bulls. The sneaker is adaptable and attractive, with a combination of white, red, and black leather. So much so that Virgil Abloh reinvented the Chicago 1s in Off-2017 WhiteTM’s Nike collaboration “The Ten.” We’ll teach you how to wear Chicago 1s in a variety of ways.

Nike Air Jordan Sneakers are quite adaptable and may be worn with a variety of outfits. Jeans, on the other hand, are a good choice. This might help you achieve the ideal balance of casual and cool. Because the shoes are bulky in general, narrow or skinny pants help to balance them out.

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