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How Softphone Solution Is Helpful in the BFSI Industry

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The banking and finance (BSFI) sector is the backbone of any economy. It is critical for it to function smoothly for the development of the economy. Softphone with WebRTC is a digital tool that enables banks and financial institutions to fulfil the increasing needs of customers. Softphone for business is extremely significant as it leads to a smoother customer experience.

A softphone is also an ideal solution for the BFSI sector to interact with customers while travelling. For people working remotely, a softphone is an indispensable tool as it keeps them connected to customers all the time. A softphone solution facilitates seamless business communication. It is better than Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) as it functions remotely too. Moreover, it can be integrated with other technologies. Knowlarity provides impeccable business communication solutions, including softphones for business.

What Is a Softphone Solution?

A softphone is a software that enables business enterprises to call their customers using the internet. There is no need for a physical telephone if you have a softphone solution to make calls. Banks can communicate with their customers all the time over the internet and resolve their queries without any hindrance. Banks and financial institutions can integrate their softphones with VoIP and incorporate all the features of VoIP. Softphones for business have proved to be profitable and yielded outstanding results.

Softphone SolutionS for BFSI Industry

A softphone with WebRTC enables a richer conversation as it allows the integration of content in communication. Banks, financial institutions, and insurance companies can communicate with their customers through web browsers using softphones with WebRTC. The advantages of Softphones with WebRTC in the BFSI industry are as follows.

● Cloud Computing

A softphone with WebRTC enables cloud computing with ease. Cloud computing makes banks and financial institutions more flexible and agile. A softphone with WebRTC is a must for cloud computing for improved interaction between banks and customers. It can help banks increase their scale of operations without investing additional money.

● Remote Working

A softphone with WebRTC is required for banking agents who work remotely. Banking personnel who are travelling and are handling outside-the-branch work can stay in touch with the branch with the help of a softphone. They can also remain connected with their customers using a softphone. If there is a query that they need to resolve, they can do it without any hassle, and the customer will not have to wait.

●  Enhanced Customer Experience

A softphone with WebRTC results in superior customer service and customer engagement. BSF companies can collect valuable data from softphones, process the data, and derive crucial information using artificial intelligence. The BFSI industry can benefit largely by reshaping its relationship with its esteemed customers. They can render customised services and offer tailor-made products to serve their diverse needs. All this and more can be possible by using softphones for business.

● Cost-Effective

A softphone with WebRTC is a cost-effective solution as it avoids any additional expenditure on infrastructure. Banks can expand their scale of operations and deliver exceptional customer service without any elaborate infrastructure. They can easily handle their customers’ queries with the help of a softphone.

● Powerful Marketing Tool

A softphone can also be used as a powerful marketing tool. The BFSI sector can communicate with their customers and inform them about the lucrative offers and products to increase their business and profits. They can amplify their revenue streams by cross-selling and up-selling the banking and insurance products to the customers. Softphones simplify calling and make remote calling possible.

The institutions can identify the needs of their customers by studying their calls and offering them suitable products. For example, if a bank is offering any loans at an attractive rate of interest without any collateral, it can call its customers and inform them about it. A softphone for business will result in higher lead conversions.

●  Security

It is paramount for financial transactions to be secure. Cybercrimes such as scams and fraud are increasing day by day. There is an urgent need for a highly secure system of working. Knowlarity’s softphone with WebRTC solution is extremely safe and secure. It safeguards you against all cyber crimes and threats.

Knowlarity is a leading cloud communication company offering phenomenal solutions for business communication. Softphone for business is one such remarkable solution that has delivered outstanding results for the BFSI industry.

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