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Planning to make a modular kitchen in Greater Noida? Read this…

modular kitchen in greater Noida

Kitchen is arguably one of the most interesting places in a house. In our defense, we would say that we consider it one of the interesting spaces because all the magic happens in this space. We don’t just cook but also socialise, spend time there eating, baking, talking.

That has been enabled even more now because of the advancements in technology and change in design trends of the kitchen. Whether you are looking to set up a modular kitchen in greater Noida or elsewhere, here in this blog, we will be decoding for you the new trends that have emerged in 2021.

Smart Kitchens

These kitchens have motion detection abilities that are supported by sensors. There are also one touch features that are available in the kitchen. There are also smart refrigerators that have the potential to alert you for food stocks or food that is not fit for consumption.

Colors in the Kitchen

The time to have colorful and vibrant kitchens has arrived and you can get as playful with the colors in the kitchen as much as you want. You can get muted colors, themes or prints, textures and even bright colors. Make sure you keep the cabinet colors of the modular kitchen in greater Noida or elsewhere in coordination with the wall colors.

Dual-Toned Kitchen

This is also one of the latest trends that you can follow. Get your kitchen the look of two tones. You should get solid color finishes. For instance, one can be white textured tiles, one solid royal blue, matte finishes, and laminates.

Smart Storage

It is important to have an aesthetically pleasing but also a functional kitchen, especially when you live in a compact flat in greater Noida.
If you want to fulfil your kitchen decor and storage goals. You can have a pantry wardrobe as well in the modular kitchen in Greater Noida or elsewhere.


You can start working on countertop ideas as they are certainly a great conversation starter. They can be in marble form or quartz if you are looking for an alternative. Both of them are really easy to maintain.

Clean-Lined Cabinets

Minimalism never goes out of style. So if you are someone who is looking to pep up their kitchen look but be very subtle about it like nothing much has gone into conceptualizing the look, you should go for the kitchen cabinets that are clean-lined.

Multiple Layered Islands

Islands have been a hit since the time they came into being. So, if you are someone who has got some space in their kitchen then nothing would be better than this. Multi-layered kitchen islands are an even better way than an island to create more space to keep food to eat.

Hidden Kitchen Appliances

It is an emerging trend to keep kitchen appliances inside the cabinets. That way your small kitchen space looks way too neat and spacious. Otherwise, it looks cluttered. Try it, see the difference and then thank us later.

Let us know in the comments the pointers you are going to implement.


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