Smart Guide For You To Pick The Perfect Mattress!

Mattress plays a very important role when it comes to getting a night of healthy sleep and leading a healthy life. And choosing the right mattress has a significant impact on how well you sleep and how re-energised you feel when you get up. And therefore, you should not ignore this important decision and buy just any mattress online in India.

Each type of mattress has its own qualities and specialities. Some are best for people suffering from back pain and joint pain and some are specially designed to give comfort to side sleepers and stomach sleepers. So before buying the best mattress online, you should analyse your sleeping requirements.

So now the question is how to do it? So here is a smart guide for you to pick the perfect mattress.

When To Buy A New Mattress?

Before going for actual buying a mattress online India, you need to understand when it is the right time to replace your mattress. The following points will help you decide when it’s the right time to look for the best mattresses online and buy them. If you are having second thoughts about the quality of your mattress then it’s probably the time. Generally, a good quality mattress lasts for 7-8 years.  But more than the number of years, it is the comfort level that matters. If you are not sleeping comfortably on a 5-year-old mattress also, change it.

This checklist might help you decide better if it’s time to change your mattress.

  • Your mattress is sinking.
  • Your mattress shows visible torn signs.
  • Your mattress has more dust than an abandoned attic.
  • You wake up feeling stiff or sore.
  • You have had your mattress for over ten years.
  • Above all, pay attention to how you feel while you sleep and after you wake up.

If you experience any of the above points, do not give it a second thought, just look for the best mattresses online and go for it.

Things To Keep In Mind While Buying A Mattress

Not every mattress is fit for everyone. The best mattress is on which you feel comfortable, is compatible with your body, matches your lifestyle preference, etc. Apart from all this, there are a few other things that you need to keep in mind before buying the best mattress online.

1.     Size Of The Mattress:

You can easily find a mattress that suits your lifestyle. It doesn’t matter if you want a bed for yourself or if you share it with a couple, children or your pet. However, it is not recommended to share your bed with your pet. The Latest and Hottest in Women’s Sneakers

You may find that the mattress size varies slightly from brand to brand. However, it is always a good idea to know the basic dimensions of the mattress.

The general sizes are:

  • Diwan – 72 x 48
  • King – 75 x 72
  • Queen – 72 x 60
  • Single – 72 x 36

2.     Firmness Of The Mattress:

The firmness of the mattress is very important. Some sleepers may be comfortable with a soft mattress, while some prefer a firm mattress. The firmness of the mattress can be measured on a scale of 1 to 10.

  • Level 1 – 4 means soft
  • Level 5 – 9 means medium
  • Level 10 means firm.

The firmness preference depends not just on your comfort level, but also on your body type and sleeping positions. Generally, medium firmness is the best selection for all types of sleepers. UrbanBed provides all types of firmness level mattresses, as per your requirement.

3.     Thickness Of The Mattress:

Just like firmness, thickness is also a vital component, when it comes to buying the best mattress online in India. If you are looking for mattresses in person, the thickness of your mattress is one of the first things you notice. Indeed, different mattresses have very variable depth levels! Some mattresses are only 10 inches thick and others are much thicker and stackable over 14 inches or more. This is usually associated with the weight of the sleeper. A thicker mattress tends to serve heavy users better, while light sleepers may benefit more from thinner mattresses.

These are the three main things to keep in mind while buying the best mattress online. Apart from this, another important thing that you should keep in mind is analysing your sleeping pattern. You need to understand what type of sleeper you are. Pay attention to which is your preferred sleeping position, what is your body weight and lastly, what type of room temperature you prefer.

If you are considering buying a new mattress, visit the wide range of products offered by UrbanBed. Visit the site once and you will want to keep coming back to it, everyone you want to buy a new mattress or pillow. Also, grab the latest info on Memory Foam Mattress, only at urbanbed.

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