The Ideal Gift for A Wedding

wedding wishing well box

A wedding is one big event in one’s life. Thus, the planning for it takes place months ahead. With such precise planning, one can expect perfect execution. Every wedding is unique and different. While some couples host traditional ceremonies, some get it done in a registered office.

Wedding to wedding; everything differs- from cuisine, decorations, traditions, and much more. However, one thing remains constant; every couple strives to reflect their core and emotional values in their execution of the wedding.

Here, we will be discussing one element found in most weddings. Can you guess? Hint; it is a well!

What is a wedding wishing well?

In many a case, the couples already have a fully furnished house. Meaning they would not really enjoy getting another set of crockery or a hallway runner as their wedding gifts.

Thus, instead, they use the alternative method- the wishing well! Couples set up a wedding wishing well at their weddings; to which, the guests drop off cash or cheques with their invitation card. The wishing well can be placed in various designs and shapes.



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What are the reasons to choose a wedding wishing well?

One brief idea was given in the above paragraph. However, there are several reasons a couple might opt for this option to request the cash from their guests instead of gifts. Below, we have listed a few of the reasons why couples prefer placing a wedding wishing well box on their big day.

As mentioned, the couples already own a home that is complete with furniture and fittings.

The couples fear receiving gift items that are totally unnecessary to them or duplicate an existing item they already own.

Some prefer cash to cover up a portion of the expenses incurred during the wedding.

Many couples would desire to fund their holiday or honeymoon with this well-wisher’s cash.

Some couples are business-minded; they look forward to using this cash as an investment. Which in return, is in the betterment of the couple?

Another cause of collecting cash would be to create a fresh account and save up this money for the future of the family.

Some couples have a completely generous mindset. Thus, they prefer to collect cash in order to give away a percentage or the entire collection for a charity cause.

Perhaps, the reason for requesting cash as a gift is as personal and individual as every couple. The placement of the wishing well is usually at the entrance, exit, or in the sideline, but never the centre of attraction. The couples integrate this element in their wedding decoration planning and create a creative box that is intact with the theme. While on the other hand, some use a basket or choose standard wedding wishing well designs; such as mailbox, suitcase, rectangular box, birdcages, etc.

Etiquettes of a wedding wishing well:

The odds of every guest familiar with this system giving cash as a gift, are very unlikely. Therefore, here’s is what you should do to remove confusion and educate the guest on this method.

Explain the purpose

Have an appropriate location to place the wedding wishing well.

Write a thank-you note to the respective guest once a purchase is made.

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