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Top 4 HR Certifications for Beginners – to Advance Careers Online

HR Certifications for beginners

There has been a tremendous growing understanding of the advantages of human resource credentials over the last few years within the industry. Human resource certifications are helpful for your professional growth in any kind of management position. More employers are listing these certifications as” required” as against “preferred” on their job postings which depicts growing need for additional credentials. This type of qualification is now considered to be compulsory for human resource professionals as well as beginners. Taking up these certifications provides an individual with techniques to keep up with significant changes in labor relations and employment law, learn new HR strategies and also broaden management abilities.

Provided below are the top HR certifications available for beginners pursuing their careers in the management department to cater to the responsibilities that come under human resource functions.

1. Talent Management Practitioner (TMPTM)

The TMPTM certification offered by Talent Management Institute (TMI) is a starter qualification designed for students graduating with an HR major or similar disciplines from HR institutions, business schools, and premier universities. This certification combined with a degree in human resources is a reliable way to set up a career in a well-established organization after graduation.  An individual is moved straight to the forefront of their next big career jump becoming a part of a global community that is made for the sharpest minds in talent management.


  • Perspectives, concepts and critical focus areas of Talent Management practice
  • Components of leadership and strategy
  • International Talent Management insights and experiences

MBA graduates, HR professionals with industrial psychology, labor relations, and HRM and personnel management majors are increasingly opting for the certifications based on Talent Management Institute- Universal Knowledge Framework (TMI- UKFTM).

2. Associate Professional in Human Resources (aPHR)

aPHR certification by the Human Resource Certification Institute (HRCI) is among the top HR certifications developed for human resource employees or students beginning their career in HR, and will prove their foundational knowledge on human resources.


  • Selection and recruitment
  • Human resource operations
  • Employee relations
  • Health, security, and safety
  • Compensation and benefits

A high school diploma or its equivalent for global candidates is a must to be eligible for the aPHR. However, there is no requirement for HR experience as it is a knowledge-based credential.

3. SHRM- Certified Professional (SHRM-CP)

SHRM-CP certification is a comprehensive competency-based certification for HR beginners and professionals. This certification is a new standard for professionals in the human resource field globally to focus on real-life, practical HR information, testing, knowledge, and teaching competencies.  This program provides graduates an opportunity to prove and apply their existing knowledge on the job.


  • Communication and relationship management
  • Employee Engagement
  • HR competencies
  • Workforce management
  • Risk Management
  • Organizational Development and effectiveness
  • Technology and data
  • Business and human capital management strategy

A related degree with over a year of experience or at least 3 years of experience in the human resource field  without a related degree are essential to be eligible to apply for  the SHRM-CP designation.

4. Professional in Human Resources (PHR) by HRCI

The PHR certification is for human capital professionals starting with a bachelor’s degree and limited experience to global and senior leaders in human resources.  The candidates must possess a bachelor’s degree with two years of experience or at least one year of experience and a master’s degree in the HR field.


  • Employee and labor relations
  • Learning and development
  • Business management
  • Talent acquisition and planning
  • Total rewards

All of the HRCI certifications consist of the three “E”s- examination, education, and experience. These are administered and developed following recognized industry standards accredited by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA).



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