Top 6 Performance Parts That Your Motorcycle Deserves


Owning a bike and maintaining it is nothing less than a passion for many people. For others who are not enthusiastic about their bike, it can be just a vehicle used for commuting for motorcycle lovers. Their world revolves around the splendid two-wheeler they own. This is why they spend so much time keeping the motorcycle in pristine condition and doing everything possible to maintain its part.

There are many types of motorcycles out there, and now there are even miniature versions of motorcycles available in the market. But if you want to go faster and turn the heads simultaneously, just regular maintenance and a trip to the garage won’t do much. In such cases, you will need to buy performance parts to make your bike perform and look better.

For new bike riders, choosing from the vast range of performance parts can be a daunting task since there are many options, and it might feel tempting to buy everything you see. To solve this problem, we have created this blog post to discuss the top performance parts you deserve.


Stock mirrors or reflectors look extravagantly showy. You must have seen most bike levers never settle with the stock mirrors that come with their bike. They either completely remove them or choose a reflector of a different color. This is common in almost every bike category, and people do this even while shopping for Honda Grom 125 performance parts.

Unlike mirrors, nobody will ask you about reflectors since it is not necessary according to the rules of the road. However, still, you should get a good quality reflector from the online market for safety reasons. Ensure you take proper precautions while riding at night, especially on a dark road.

Exhaust system

If you have been scouring the market for your bike performance parts and need help deciding where to begin, you should always start with the exhaust system. This is the first and most obvious performance parts upgrade that your bike needs. Also, any upgrade or change to the stock will make your bike look more enticing.

When you upgrade the exhausts, it increases the air intake, and thus there is less restriction of the gases. This will result in better horsepower and more combustion. If upgrading the entire exhaust system is out of your budget, you can also go for a slip-on and muffler, as even these small upgrades give you a power boost at the lower end.

When it comes to looks, nothing comes even close to carbon fiber exhaust, but in terms of durability, titanium and steel are clear winners. But in the end, it all comes down to your personal preferences.

Eliminator kit

Adding an eliminator kit will be a fantastic change for the overall look of your bike. Nobody likes the extra bulky look as it makes your bike ugly regardless of which motorcycle you own or which style you prefer. But you have to make sure you are buying a kit specific to the make and model of your bike; otherwise, you will regret your decision.

There are many eliminator kits in the market that will get rid of everything, but there are also those kits that come with their mounting system. Always strive for quality while purchasing an eliminator kit for your motorcycle.

The only thing you have to be concerned about has the number plate too far under the bike, which might draw unwanted attention from police officers.

Air filter

If you have plans to upgrade the exhaust system, you should remember the air filter. It doesn’t matter which type of Honda Grom 125 performance parts you are looking for; an exhaust system upgrade should always be accompanied by a change of the air filter.

When you upgrade the air filter with the exhaust system, it ensures better air intake, leading to better combustion. The performance of your motorcycle automatically improves. Apart from this, the change of air filter will also increase your motorcycle’s durability, which is why an air filter is a worthwhile investment.

But always buy air filters from the online platform, as this will allow you to enjoy discounts, more options, better quality, and a convenient shopping experience.

Buying good quality parts is crucial to your bike’s performance, but you must choose the right type of performance parts before deciding on the quality. All the performance parts mentioned in this blog post can be used in any motorcycle, even miniature motorcycles.

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