What has Turned Healthcare Recruitment into an Arduous Task?

Healthcare Recruitment

It doesn’t matter in which industry you are dealing with or the size of your business; recruitment will always be a daunting task for even the most experienced and skilled HR professionals.

But when it comes to healthcare recruitment, there is always an extra layer to these challenges. The employees working in the healthcare sector directly affect the well-being and health of the patients; this increases the burden on healthcare facilities. There is no room for error while hiring for any position in the healthcare industry.

Even the pandemic has contributed to the increasing challenges of healthcare recruitment since it has reduced the number of healthcare jobs. Although the need for healthcare candidates is increasing, the positions aren’t being fulfilled as expected. In addition to all of this, the HIPPA regulations, along with the additional compliance requirements linked with healthcare recruitment, make hiring more challenging.

Let’s take a look at the major challenges that recruiters and healthcare facilities have to deal with while hiring.

Shortage of talent

You might find it surprising, but there needs to be more talent in the healthcare industry. According to a study conducted by Mercer, the healthcare industry will need more than 2.3 million candidates by the end of 2025 to keep up with the growing population. Some most prominent factors that are contributing to this growing shortage of talent are-

  • The ageing healthcare workforce is retiring

  • The number of graduates to fill positions is limited

  • The number of chronic diseases is increasing at a swift pace, and much more

Because of the talent shortage, doctors and healthcare facilities are now working with healthcare staffing agencies in India to fill the positions while maintaining the quality of the candidates.

Fast hiring of the best new talent

In the healthcare sector, if you are working without healthcare staffing agencies in India, hiring top new talent is daunting. The up-to-date training of new employees and their cost-effectiveness automatically improves the healthcare organization’s quality. On the other hand,  the trend of new graduates taking up job opportunities with their internship provider is increasing.

The scarcity of new talent makes it difficult for healthcare management since HR professionals need to make their offerings appealing without including higher packages and unrealistic job benefits. In such a case, only healthcare recruitment companies can help you.

Retention is becoming an issue

Hiring the right talent without the help of healthcare recruitment outsourcing companies is not the only issue, as healthcare organizations are finding it difficult even to retain good employees. You will be surprised to know that even an average healthcare practice has an almost 53% turnover rate.

This means that even if healthcare facilities boost their recruitment process and fill every position, there is no point filling water in a bucket with a hole. And it turns out to be a complete waste of time when companies need more on both ends- recruitment and retention.

Every initiative the healthcare facility takes regarding fixing this leak should be cross-functional rather than recruitment-led. To begin on the right foot, healthcare facilities can start choosing healthcare staffing services in India.

Budget constraint

Just like any other job vacancy and industry, all the candidates applying in the healthcare sector are more inclined towards those openings offering more than the others. There is a limit to what any healthcare facility can pay, so recruiters find it hard to offer competitive compensation. This increase the chances of an experienced and skilled candidate joining your competitors.

To add to this challenge, all the healthcare facilities with heavy funding offer a massive pay scale to improve the rate of retention. They even offer alluring bonuses and to succumb new candidates to join them. But you can overcome such challenges by improving your employer brand and choosing the best healthcare staffing services in India.

Meeting the candidate’s expectation

Candidates applying in the healthcare sector are well aware of the fierce competition and lack of talent in the healthcare sector, and that’s why there is no surprise that the expectation of candidates regarding pay scale, bonuses, culture, and other job-related benefits has increased over time.

If a recruiter fails to meet all the expectations of the candidate, he will not wait for a second before accepting the offer from your rivals. This is what makes things more challenging for healthcare recruiters.

Factors like the pandemic, lack of talent, and increasing job expectations have made hiring a herculean task for healthcare recruiters. Since the demand for healthcare candidates will increase over time, things don’t look good in the future.

But there is one way to overcome these challenges, and that is by working with healthcare recruitment companies is important. These companies know the ins and outs of the healthcare industry and therefore, they have tried and tested methods to deal with every recruitment challenge that comes their way.

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