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Yoga For Boosting Immunity – By Baba Ramdev

Yoga, a fundamental piece of everybody’s life. Not every person knows the advantages, but these four words are incredibly valuable in keeping equilibrium and inspiration in your life. Yoga is only more than stances and extending, growing your considerations, discovering calm and perfection, building concentration and purpose, and tracking down the thought process of your life, yoga gives them all. In the midst of the Covid pandemic, we as a whole are stuck in our homes, unmotivated and with no advancement. In a circumstance where an infection is influencing antibodies at a faster rate, it is fundamental to look after invulnerability. Alongside a mask and sanitizer, your internal strength and security is the thing that you need the most. All these yoga poses listed below require a mat and a calm mind, to begin with.



Otherwise called Sun Salutations, this yoga pose is ideal for beginning the morning by appealing to the sun. It gives profound certainty and fabricates confidence. This eleven-venture asan is acted in sets of five, yet it is wise to start with only a few. The postures open up your muscles and stretch your body from head to toe, giving smoothness. Through each progression, synchronize your breaths with the developments and posture of your body to keep up the balance between the asan and your profound inward breaths. Know how to strengthen your immunity from Swami Ramdev


  • Boosting energy levels
  • increase immunity
  • flexibility and strength
  • strong concentration and memory power
  • Detoxification of the body
  • Provides calmness
  • Limit anxiety and stress
  • Boosts confidence and patient
  • Manage anger issues

A shoulder-standing yoga posture where your entire body is made to balance on your shoulders is called Sarvangasana. The word “sarv” means all, where “anga” means different parts of the body. Rich in influencing every function of the body, the yoga form aims to provide a balance between one’s physical and mental health. This form is also known as the “queen of asanas”


  • Balancing mental peace
  • The smooth functioning of every body part
  • Relieve stress and mild depression
  • Stimulates organs like the thyroid, and abdominal.
  • Toning down the lower parts of the body for women, reducing the symptoms of menopause at young ages.
  • It fights insomnia and improves digestion.

The plow pose has gotten its name from “plow” which is a mainstream farming instrument broadly utilized in agricultural areas for getting ready and planting crops. This pose targets uniting the body and mind yet requires a specific measure of experience. Two levels are needed to perform these poses – the intermediate level for people having an adaptable lower back and the advanced or proficient level for somebody who has acquired extra preparation in yoga and can adjust breathing with poses together.


  • perfect to make the body flexible
  • reducing belly fat
  • increases height
  • Provides arm strength
  • Weight balancing

Also known as the Psychic union poses, it is a forward bent sitting form of yoga posture. It was followed from the Sanskrit word MUDRASANA where “mudra” means a symbolic representation using hand gestures and arm movements, and “bhandanas” means locks. There are some precautions in following this yoga pattern which states that pregnant, lactating, or a woman on her periods should not get into a forward sitting position. It might affect their pelvic area, resulting in health issues.


  • benefits piles and digestive system of the body
  • provides flexibility and strength
  • reduction in stomach fat
  • results in stronger spine
  • gets rid of constipation problems
  • releases obesity

A beginner-friendly pose, which aims not just to boost immunity but also to provide deep relaxation. It relieved the pain which can happen because of other yoga poses. It is a simple yet effective form of yoga where one lies on the stomach with their shoulders and chest on rest and reminds themselves to release the tension in their lower back and mind, this opens up their shoulder and provides a deep soothing effect in the body.


  • Can increase height
  • Excellent in removing body fat
  • Reduces muscle tension
  • provides flexibility in shoulder muscles
  • Reduce joint pains
  • works for acidity related issues

By practicing yoga, one can attain high concentration and power both mentally and physically, resulting in a positive attitude and work life. It balances out your living schedule, making it more productive.  Swami Ramdev recommends these yoga asanas to boost immunity

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