3 Great Neighborhoods in New Orleans

There’s nothing like The Big Easy to let you fall in love with gorgeous surroundings, great southern charm, and nonstop music.  If you’re in the area and want to make the most out of your move- these are the top neighborhoods to consider.  

French Quarter

This area has the greatest mix of gorgeous New Orleans houses for sale and fantastic things to see and do throughout the neighborhood.  As New Orleans’ oldest and best-known neighborhood, this area is an excellent stop for fun and entertainment while still getting to learn the local history.  

Although the nightlife is wild, there’s still a lot any child can do here!  Family-friendly entertainment like the Aquarium of the Americas and the Cabildo Museum ensure everyone can have a great time while they’re in town.


If you want to be close enough to party in New Orleans but don’t want to live in the French Quarter, it’s time to check out Mid-City.  This fantastic neighborhood feels quiet and secluded compared to the rest of the city.  This is where the largest bikeable trails in the town are, as well as the famous annual Jazz and Heritage Festival!  Mid-City is an awesome place to connect with local artists and feel like you’re really part of a community. 

This is the second most expensive area in the city, and once you arrive, you’ll see why.  Not only are the houses placed on large plots, but the huge amounts of greenery and beautiful parks make it clear this is an area that’s been well cared for generations.

Uptown Garden District

Although this is the most expensive area in the city, home to historic mansions and great universities, there’s no reason anyone wouldn’t fall in love with the Garden District.  Here you can catch a drink at NOLA brewing, get some of the best food in your life from a Victorian cottage restaurant called Brigstens, or go dancing at Tipitina’s, and never have to hit Bourbon Street.

This area is pricy, but it comes with tons of perks, awesome transit, and incredible things to see and do.  If you’re considering starting a family or already are raising children, this is the best place to give them a good start! 

Why NOLA Is Good for More Than Vacations

Many people see New Orleans and immediately assume that it’s good for nothing but short bursts on vacations.  This is a historic and incredible city that has so much more depth than that.  Although you can still party and enjoy living it up when you want to cut loose, living here is so much more than just the nightlife.  The affordable living, excellent education, and incredible sense of community here will change everything about how you view New Orleans. 

Although this is still a great party city where you can have fun and go drinking, it’s an even better home.

New Orleans Is An Incredible Destination

Whether you’re from the area and want to move to a better space or you’re from out of state, there’s nothing like New Orleans.  Consider any of these neighborhoods!

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