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5 Important Ways to Stand Out with Branding Design

As someone who runs a business, you know all about the heightened competition, what with giant monopolistic corporations and start-ups that sprout every other day. This competition is heightened when it comes to carving a spot for your brand, because now you are vying for an entirely new level of success. As the height increases, the ascent grows steeper. To make the process easier, try partnering with a branding agency. Simply search for Best Branding Agencies in Mumbai, or whichever city you reside in.

Why is it so important for your brand to stand out? The market is overflowing with brands. As the options keep growing, branding is one way to retain customers, since people prefer buying from the companies, they have prior experience with. To develop this kind of relationship, you need to be unique enough to be noticed by consumers.

To help you grab eyeballs and boost your sales, here’s a list of the five essential ways of standing out among the crowd of companies:

1) Original: Originality is the essence of uniqueness. If you aren’t original, you cannot dream of being unique. Customers these days live in a world of information reaching them for a variety of sources. If your brand does what all other brands are doing, they are bound to notice and dislike you for it.

Similarly, clichés are usually not appreciated and well looked-on, simply because they are cliches and have been done too often, but if you manage a creative spin on a cliché, go ahead with it!

Basically, the idea is to spend time and efforts coming up with something no other brand has done. Difficult, but worthwhile!


2) Promotion and visibility: People need to see your brand before getting familiar with it. You need to put all the efforts you can into growing your visibility. Utilise social media and the internet. Connect with current customers. Also, don’t ignore traditional promotion strategies like pamphlets and billboards.

In short, you should do all you can to make your brand visible to the public. Do proper research about which platforms are the best for your brand and company, have a marketing and promotion strategy, a dedicated team, and regular, consistent efforts.

If you are having trouble with this, try enlisting the help of a branding agency. Search the web for Best Branding Agencies in Mumbai, and replace with the name of your city.


3) Boldness and Simplicity: This ties up with the originality factor. Remember, you are not aiming to blend in with crowd, but rather, to stand out and be noticed. You cannot achieve that if you brand design is too alike that of others.


Having a bold design makes a statement. It says you know what you are doing and that you want to carve a place for your brand. It attracts attention and often leads to appreciation. Yes, you should check out what your competitors’ brand designs look like, but your aim should be to be different from them, not like them. A unique brand design represents your brand identity and what you wish to project.


But the brand design should also be simple. A complicated design will either be overlooked or assesses distastefully. Cramming too many things into your brand design will turn off the consumers. Most consumers do not like complex images or fonts that are overly difficult to read. Besides, a simpler design is easier to remember and recognise. It also conveys a sense of power and demonstrates your professionality.


4) Colour and Personalisation: Choosing the right colours is very, very important. Colours might not seem of significance in daily life, but they are supremely significant in the world of design.

Different colours represent different things. They invoke different sensations in the minds and bodies of the viewers. Your colour choice also represents what you wish you to convey. For example, while blue is associated with stability and placidity, red is more bold, bright, and has a range of different meanings.


When using colours in combinations, pay attention to the overall picture they form. Select a few colours and stick to those, rather than having a palette that’s too diverse. This will allow customers to associate your company with those colours and further contribute to brand identity formation.

Try to make your brand personal. After all, it’s the process of creating a brand ‘identity’ via your brand design. If there’s a personal touch or unique aspect to your brand design, highlight and bring it to customer attention. Consumers like having something personal to associate a brand design with, as it fosters the ‘human touch’. Digital Marketing Trend & Future Growth Expectations


5) There is a lot in the Name: Shakespeare might disagree, but the name is pretty crucial when it comes to branding and brand design. You might think names and words fall out of the sphere of brand design, but it includes the name, your tagline, and everything you print in connection with your brand.

Be careful with word choice and aware of the shades of different words. Taglines should be short, catchy and vibe with other aspects of the brand design. The tone should be consistent everywhere, and resonate with your company. The kind of tone (light, humorous, solemn, mysterious, arrogant, etc.) corresponds not only with the business you do, but with the kind of image you want to develop.

Thus, brand design is a long process. It has several elements, such as logo, imagery, shapes and symbols, colour palette, words, vocabulary, tone, and many more. All of these need to be coherent, compatible, representative, distinct and attractive. Your brand design needs to have an underlying similarity. Help you stand out in the saturated and overflowing market. Just search: Best Branding Agencies in Mumbai, and replace with your city name.

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