7 Best Travel Gift Ideas for Frequent Travelers


We all have that one friend who loves to travel. If you are looking for some gift ideas for your traveler’s friend that can help wanderlust trips then you are in the right place. We have come up with such 10 Gift Ideas for your friend who is always crazy about travel. Let’s check out the list:

1. Filtered Water Bottle

To keep you well hydrated and safe throughout the trip is the most important thing. A good quality water bottle with a filtration system cleans up to 99% of unwanted substances from the water. The 2nd level filtration system also removes the chlorine and other odors. A good quality filtered water bottle can filter up to 1000 liters of water. So, it can be the best option to gift your traveler friend.

2. Power Bank:

Travel without electronic goods is impossible nowadays. Every traveler carries a camera, phones, and other gadgets with them. If the battery drained at the time of capturing a long-waited scene or before confirming ticket, it can be very annoying. So, carrying a power bank can revive your gadgets power. For the smart first charging technology travelers can get more benefits from it.

3. Neck Pillow:

This is another important item for travelers to carry on their backpack. For a longtime journey in flight, train or bus it can keep your neck comfortable. Using this neck pillow, you can take a power nap within your journey.

4. Packing Cube:

The best way to organize your luggage is by packing cubes. This light weight bag can easily hold a lot of travel apparel.  Three types of packing cubes are available. You can use the large size cube to pack heavy clothes, the medium size for t-shirts and shorts and the small one for socks and underwear. Without any hesitation, you can order a packing cube for your traveler friend. It will be definitely helpful for packing things.

Image source: Pexels

5. Leather Passport Holder

For international travelers, it is very important to carry with them. Managing credit cards, money, passport, and other documents together is not very easy and safe also. It’s better to use a different holder for passport and kept it within your bag carefully. Due to leather’s durability and flexibility, it’s always a good option to buy a leather passport holder.

6. Portable Luggage Scale

Baggage fees of every airline are out of control now. You should be conscious about not packing unnecessary things that can increase your bag’s weight and cost extra money. Before leaving home, you can check your luggage weight by a portable luggage scale. In this way, you can cut down some extra weights by removing some things that are not so important to carry on.

7. Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones

Whether you are in flight or camping, wireless headphones are easy to carry anywhere. With smooth bass and noise free sounds it can add more pleasure in your friend’s wanderlust trip.

There are hundreds of gifts available, but we select these top seven in our list. You know your friends well. Right? According to their preference you can choose other gifts.

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