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Best Natural Stone Pillar Design Ideas For A Unique Look To Your Home

Do you want to get the beautiful look of your home? You may add attractive stone pillars indeed. It will truly enhance the beauty of your dream house. Here, we are going to share which pillar would be right to choose.

What About The Pillar – 

Have you been wondering about pillars? Here, it needs to mention that pillars are vertical elements that probably take part in the context of supporting the building structure in an ideal manner. Moreover, they also remain a quite decorative element in the context of design. Pillars generally are attached along with different building elements or stay standalone.

In case, you think about comparing a pillar following a human figure, you will find these points such as –

  • It comes up with head or cap considered as capital
  • It comes up with a foot colloquially regarded as the base
  • Moreover, it comes up with a vertical body of head loaded with a foot base.

Why Natural Stone Pillar Seem Important – 

Have you been wondering why natural stone pillars seem important? Here, we are going to mention. Talking about the initial stage, the pillar or column does remain following the structural components to bear the load of overhand or roofs of the porch. In case you get to notice an ideal and visible foundation beneath the pillars, then you may consider them in the form of load-bearing pillars indeed.

Here, it needs to mention that a variety of standalone pillars have been created with the motto of decoration only. But now architects are known for creating columns following a mix of purposes. So that they would be load bearing along with decorative too. Now, quite stylish pillars are available. Not only stone pillars but Stone Stair Treads are also high in demand so that beauty can go on the next level.

What About The Interior Pillars – 

If you are talking about big in size buildings, interior pillars can truly eradicate the cavernous feeling and do add excellent elegance indeed. Therefore, people who have spacious houses, prefer to go with beautiful interior pillars so that excellent results can be found.

Are you going to say YES to open the floor plan? Then, it would be better to consider architectural columns to add separation lines among your respected areas. You can use this beautiful interior pillar to spate lines between living areas without being dependent on any sort of partition wall.

If you truly want to add excellent luxurious details following the prominent foyer, craft, and art style, the column can truly help you in the context of an ideal purpose.

Interior columns are quite excellent to décor a master bath as well as introduce a visual separation of unique utility areas. You will find your things more beautiful and unique.

Do you have a spacious kitchen where you can add one or more pillars? The best thing is that you can even visually separate both the dining area and cooking area indeed.

What About The Exterior Pillars – 

Have you been wondering about the exterior pillars? You have landed at the right place indeed.

You will be having a covered patio design, the pillar plays an important role in the context of imparting the structural support indeed. Many people also want to create a minor sunroom following the main entrance of a building. Talking about the design columns, the front porch will be continuing the excellent symmetry following the façade. And it would be adding excellent depth in the context of design.

Do you have a flat façade? If your answer is in YES, you would be adding a portico made of pillar extended out indeed. Here, it needs to mention that slender, as well as simple farmhouse style square pillars following in a pair, can truly help a designer to add depth to the porch design. Do you want to have a width along with depth too? You may ask your designer to arrange pillars following the outer periphery of a half-circled portico indeed.

What Is The Ideal Way To Choose The Natural Stone Pillars – 

Now, the next thing that comes to mind is how to pick the right natural stone pillars? Here, we are going to mention this –

  • Square Pillars vs Round Pillars – 

Well, it depends on what design you choose for the building. What is the location of your pillars in it? You need to understand how Arts and Crafts style bungalows can truly enhance the beauty of your product. Moreover, Dutch colonials are also regarded as square columns.

  • Should You Go With Fluted Pillars Vs Non-Fluted Pillars – 

Have you been wondering what a fluted designed pillar is? If a shaft of a column or pillar comes up with a series of vertical grooves or narrow channels all around the length then it is considered a fluted designed pillar. You might wonder knowing that it is regarded as a highly ancient way of decoration which could be found in different historical buildings along with the Corinthian order. 10 Small Garden Water Feature Ideas To Add A Little More

Well, modern houses do prefer non-fluted or plain surface pillars along with glossy surface finished stones. Here, it needs to mention that some should have shafts fluted but the base, as well as capital, should remain plain in design.

  • Tapered Pillars or Non-Tapered Pillars – 

Should you choose tapered pillars or non-tapered pillars? Talking about the majority of a classical column, they are found in a tapered shape. They hold the tapered shape on the top and the mean width of a column is mitigated right from bottom to top indeed. Talking about the reason behind it, this is quite important to consider structural as well as architectural point of view.

If you want to put the pillars in your outside area, then you may also consider natural Stone Slabs to enhance the beauty of the place. It will make our outside area look lovely indeed.

Conclusion – 

So, what are you waiting for? It is time to make an ideal decision indeed. You just need to choose the pillar as per the look of your home and get it done.

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