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Atlantis, the first entertainment resort destination which is located in the middle of the Crescent of Palm in Dubai on an area of around 46 hectares. In the year 2008 it started as ocean-themed resort facilities with various marine life-related attractions. It consists of Atlantis Aquaventure water amusement park which is covering an area of around 17 hectares. This park is known as the world’s largest water park with over 65,000 marine animals living in Lagoons. Visitors can experience this lagoon through the Lost Chambers Aquarium, which is basically like a maze of underwater walking tracks, pathways, and corridors. This amazing Lagoon provides a journey between ancient marine lives in Atlantis. Here they use around 18 Million Liters of water to give life to thrilling waterslides, river ride with tidal waves, white water chargers, and pools. Atlantis Aquaventure Park is a must to visit place for the whole family. Tickets are very economical but you can make them more discounted using Aquaventure Tickets Offers.

Atlantis Dive Discovery

If you are a non-certified non-trained diver but have a desire to dive in an ocean among thousands of marine animals, don’t worry. Atlantis Aquaventure bringing a new introductory diving experience for divers like you. You will get a 20 minutes divers’ basic skill session before diving into state-of-the-art Atlantis water facility. You will learn basic diving skills and then get a chance to meet the Sharks, colorful Angle fishes, Napoleon wrasses and butterflies which could only be explored in the ancient Atlantis. All of these experiences are possible, but for this you have to visit Atlantis Aquaventure Waterpark. When you buy tickets use Aquaventure Tickets Offers coupon, so you can avail extra discounts on your deals.

Atlantis Dive Explorer

If you are an experienced and certified diver you can enjoy this beautiful excursion at Atlantis Aquanventure Park. Against your bookings you will get a chance of coming face to face with sharks, ray and many more fishes during a 30 minutes dive session. This single tank dive will take you between amazing marine creatures and objects left behind by ancient Atlantic life. So let’s plan to dive into wonderful world of marine adventure, visit Aquaventure and when you are booking don’t forget to use Aquaventure Tickets Offers to keep your trip into your budget.

Predator Dive

Have you ever dreamt that you are hand-feeding giant sea creatures like Sharks? Maybe you have not even thought about any of this adventure, even if you are a certified diver too. But Atlantis AquaventurePark has made many of such marine life related dreams true. If you are a PADI certified diver and visiting Aquaventure then don’t forget to add Predator Dive as your plans. This dive is definitely going to give you an experience of lifetime. Going deep into world’s largest ambassador lagoon and getting a dreamy opportunity of hand-feeding more than 14 different types of sharks and rays. Same time when you are surrounded by more than 65,000 marine animals too. You must be so excited to have this fun, so don’t wait, visit Atlantis Aquaventure today and while booking use Aquaventure Tickets Offers to get more discounts on your ticket.

Dolphin Scuba Dive:

You should also not forget to opt for this particular form of diving while visiting this beautiful tourist attraction of Dubai. By its name, you can find that this mode of diving enables you to interact and see dolphins underwater. As the dolphins are human-friendly creatures, so you never get scared of them while enjoying with them underwater. Additionally, this diving experience does not empty your wallet; thus, you make the most out of this great diving experience. It is not wrong to say that this specific attraction in Dubai happens to be the world’s leading diving spots and the experienced and certified divers from all across the world visit it every year to enjoy the ultimate experience of diving. No doubt, swimming with lovely dolphins is the amazing experience that also lets you explore many other things underwater.

Ultimate Snorkel: 

If you are the one who never likes to strap any tank to your back and go underwater then you can go with the surface version. It is not wrong to say that it also happens to be the best option for beginners who aim to become the experienced divers in the future. Yes, it is also the budget-friendly activity that every foreign tourist likes, so during your trip, you should also gear up to enjoy it. It ensures the clear visibility of Ambassador Lagoon and lets you interact with its habitants up-close. No doubt, once you get indulged in this specific activity, you cannot resist doing it again and again.


It is another underwater activity that you should not ignore while visiting Atlantis Aquaventure and anyone ages between 8 to 80 years can opt for this specific activity. Yes, it is also not expensive; hence, a large number of tourists as well as locals wish to take part in this underwater activity. You can say that it is for the masses as you do not require the experience of swimming or diving. Therefore, it has got immense popularity in Dubai. It is the unique experience of walking underwater with the ultimate safety. That is not all; you also have the instructor who keeps guiding you throughout the experience of walking underwater and come across the awesome sea creatures. While walking, you wear the well-designed helmet, enhancing the visibility in the sea, so that you see creatures properly. Keep in mind that these helmets work well even at night, so feel free to opt for this specific underwater activity. As Expo 2020 Dubai has started, a large number of tourists have started coming to this city and they will definitely explore various tourist attractions and one of them is Atlantis Aquaventure. The Beautiful Midwest States

Wrapping it up

Above-discussed are some prominent underwater activities that you can join in Atlantis Aquaventure, so you should make sure that you enjoy all of them while visiting Dubai as they are budget-friendly activities.

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