Experts recommend 2023’s top 5 domain authority checker tools.

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Experts recommend 2023’s top 5 domain authority checker tools.


“Moz created the Domain Authority (DA) score for search engine rankings. It forecasts a website’s likelihood of appearing in search engine results.
The scale for this rating is from 1 to 100.
That is not a rank score that search engines utilize. It is merely a predicted number that might help you get a sense of how well or poorly your website might perform.

Your website will ultimately benefit from increasing its domain authority, both in terms of how it ranks and whether or not other people regard it as an authority. Your site’s SEO will benefit immediately from whatever steps you take to increase your authority (search engine optimization).
Yet, you must assess your site’s domain authority before you can increase it. You need a DA-checking tool for that.



An online tool called Domain authority checker may determine a website’s domain authority, page authority, Moz rank, and spam score.
Three URLs can be checked at once using this program. There is no need to register to use this tool, which is free.
It is easy to use, and the user interface is clear. Simply enter a URL into the text field.
Up to three URLs can be typed or pasted, but each URL needs to be on a separate line.
The option to eliminate identical URLs and domains is also included. As we’ve already indicated, this eliminates inaccurate findings.

You must complete a short captcha after entering the URLs to see your findings.
As you can see, each website is displayed together with its domain authority, page authority, spam score, semrush backlinks, semrush traffic, and Moz rank.
Overall, this is a fantastic tool for DA checks.


Numerous other statistics can be helpful when examining your website’s DA score. You can obtain several metrics from, including the number of inbound links and the server status.
This makes it a useful all-in-one tool you can utilize rather than visiting many online.
Its free nature and the absence of adverts on the website are two benefits.
When you require a tiny bit of unique information, this tool is fantastic.


There is a long list of SEO tools available from Prepostseo. One of them is their DA and PA (page authority) checker tool.
Both a free and a premium version of Prepostseo are available.
While registered users can check up to 25 URLs, unregistered individuals can only check the rank of the first 10 URLs.
Up to 500 URLs can be checked at once for premium users. Also, premium users can view the spam rating for each site they search. The spam score of the first two links, however, is all that the free users may view.
The IP address of these websites can also be seen by premium users, which is another feature that is not available to free users.


Robingupta’s domain authority chequer is a highly thorough tool.
It belongs to the category of free software and is free of advertising. While entering website URLs, this tool provides some options that you can tick off.
It enables you to evaluate a website’s IP address, domain authority, page authority, spam score, and Google indexing.
You may also check ten URLs at once with this feature.
You can just visit the website, take the necessary measurement, and go.


You can examine up to 20 Websites at once with the free domain authority checking tool offered by
Premium Moz APIs was used in the creation of this tool. The company brags that by utilizing paid APIs, its outcomes are more correct than those of the majority of free products.
The process for using this tool is straightforward; you only need to write/paste 20 URLs or fewer, with each URL taking up only one line.
After that, you must click the “Check Authority” option. The outcomes will be displayed in a table a short while later.
Each website is represented by five values in this table. The metrics are as follows: Moz rank, Index Pages, Spam Score, Domain Authority, and Page Authority.


In this article, we defined domain authority and discussed its significance for websites. An estimation of your website’s potential SERP position can be obtained using the domain authority score.

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