Great Gift Ideas for Tween Girls


Choosing a gift for a tween can be challenging sometimes. Although they are a bit grown up to be treated fully as a kid, they are still too young to be considered as a teen making it confusing which things would be perfect as a gift. 

Regular toys might not work well with them since they may seem too childish but there are actually plenty of things to choose from if you’re looking for a great gift for a tween. Whether it is a birthday, Christmas, or any other occasion, here are some of the best gift options you might want to consider. 

LED Lightbox

During this stage, tweens love expressing their thoughts. One great way to help them get their thoughts out of their mind is by putting them into a Lightbox. She can place her favorite quote or saying on the LED Lightbox and highlight it in a stylish way using different LED light colors. It is a perfect decorative feature they would surely love to have in their room. 

Arts and Crafts Kit

Tweens usually love making a lot of things with their hands. If she loves making crafts or artwork, one of the perfect gifts for her during a special day is an arts and crafts kit. There is a wide variety of options to choose from and you need to know what crafts she likes to get the right kit – from easy knitting kits, jewelry-making kits, and many more. Arts and crafts kits are available in almost all toy stores Sydney has a few good ones you could check out. 

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Instant Camera

If you have a tween who loves capturing beautiful moments in photos, what could be a better gift than an instant camera? She could use it to snap beautiful photos and print out the pictures instantly after taking them. They could instantly see the photos they took and even display them in their collection if they have a heart for photography. Whether it is beautiful scenery, happy moments, or just her selfie, she’d truly love an instant camera as a gift. 

Personalized Jewellery

For extra special occasions like her birthday, personalized jewelry is one of the best and most special gifts you could gift to a tween. There are plenty of ways to personalize jewelry. You could have a necklace with her nickname or her first letter of her same as the pendant, a bracelet with engraved initials, and many more. They would surely treasure this precious gift that was specially made and designed for them. 

Galaxy Projector

Tweens love decorating their room in a way that expresses their personalities and style. If she loves the beauty of the night sky, you could help her turn her room into a different universe by gifting a galaxy projector. It projects constellations, galaxies, and other elements of the night sky into her room’s ceiling and walls, giving a more relaxing ambiance and an out-of-this-world beauty. 

Finding a gift for a tween can be confusing but you could never go wrong when you consider those things mentioned above.

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