History and use of clay poker chips set

Poker chips, also known as casino tokens are small discs which are used in place of currency in poker. These can be found in metal, molded clay, ceramic and molded plastic forms with various denominations, and are used mostly in table games. They are mostly used to play money in tournaments or casual poker games.

Among all types of chips, clay poker sets are considered the best and used in the vast majority all over the world. They are better described as compression molded chips as modern clay chips are made out of a composition of materials rather than clay alone to increase the durability. But pure clay chips were used before the 1950’s.

History of clay poker chips set

Before the use of modern poker chips, counters were used to keep scores of the card games and were called Ombre and Quadrille. Quadrille sets were used in 1752 that used to contain a number of counters, called as mils, jetons, and fiches. They were differently colored and used to settle the payments of the players after the game. Each denomination was differentiated with different shapes having a particular counter type.

Players in the early 19th century used small valuable objects such as jagged gold pieces, gold dusts, gold nuggets, coins, and even chips made up of wood, ivory, bone, paper, and a composition of clay and shellac. A number of companies made a composition of clay poker chips set between 1880’s and the late 1930’s. More than a 1000 designs were available to choose from. Most of them were colored white, red, yellow, and blue. Some custom made clay poker chips sets were also available that could be made to any desired color.

Clay poker chips set were mostly used as it had a much better feel than cheap plastic chips sets. But later clay chips were replaced by clay composite chips as they were more durable and less brittle than old clay poker sets. One Eyed Jack is among those websites who deliver high quality clay poker sets and composite chip sets at reasonable prices. These composite chips have the same feel and touch as the old clay chips, but are stronger.

Uses of poker chips set

As stated earlier, money is exchanged with poker chips at a casino cage, cashier station, or gaming tables. After the game, these chips are used to interchange with money. Generally outside the casino these chips don’t have any value. But in gambling towns these chips are being honored informally, i.e. they are used to give tips to taxi drivers or waiters.

Poker chips have been used for many reasons. Due to its shape, uniform size, and the pattern while stacking the chips make it easier to handle as compared to currency. It also enables the pit boss to confirm the amount to be paid and reduces the chance of any incorrect payments. The uniform weight of the poker chips enables them to weigh good heaps and stacks of chips rather than to accord them. It has also been observed that players play more freely with poker chips or replacement currencies rather than with real currencies. Another practical reason to use poker chips in place of cash is that to discourage players to draw back their bet in the fear of not winning and flee from betting, as poker chips can only be redeemed at casino counters and don’t have any value in the outside world. Lastly, poker chips are an integral part of a poker environment and it would be unpopular to replace them with real currencies.

The collection of poker chips is also a part of numismatics (a study or collection of currencies, coins, tokens, etc.) and also as a specialized exonumia collection. After the formation of Casino Chips & Gaming Tokens Collectors Club in 1988, this hobby has been increasingly popular. Certain poker chips sets must have special attention from some collectors who will to spend up to $100,000 in online auctions on websites such as eBay.


Clay poker chips set are being widely used all over the world and are preferred by most professional poker players. It provides a far better gaming experience to enthusiastic players. You can visit One Eyed Jack to get hands on some best quality clay poker chips set online.

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