How to host a Successful Virtual Fair in UAE

Virtual Fair

Virtual Fair of career and job are an excellent approach to recruit the best talent. Without bothering much about fixing physical meetings, the recruitment method can be easygoing, affordable, and prompt.

Today, virtual fairs are the first choice of various top leading businesses to sustain the functionality of their recruiting department. It allows employers to interact with potential future candidates virtually without compromising on applicant quality and recruiting goals.

Virtual recruitment fairs are more effective as it allows you to pre-qualify the applications. It makes it simple to filter through various resumes in no time. You can plan an effective process to discover the right talent.

Virtual career fairs or job fairs are one of the biggest transformations in the recruiting industry. You should understand that the success of the event entirely depends on strategic planning and seamless execution. Adopting the appropriate technology that provides engaging features is a necessity. It assures high-tech video content and a convenient recruitment process besides free-flowing interactions and calculable performance metrics.

Let’s quickly have a look at some fundamental measures to host a successful virtual career or job fair.

Determine your goals

Set the goals and intentions for your virtual fair and what you want to accomplish out of it. Knowing your targets will lead you in the direction of hosting successful virtual fairs. Before making any virtual career or job fair strategy, ask a few questions to yourself:

  • Are you planning to host a virtual career or job fair for boosting the online presence of your organisation or are there any specific job openings?
  • Who should visit your virtual job/career fair and will it be chargeable or free?
  • Are you planning to interview potential future employees or just organising a virtual fair to share corporate content?
  • How many candidates are assumed to visit an event?
  • What sort of information do you require to obtain from job seekers while they are applying or before interview sessions?
  • What questions are to be asked during interviews?

In short, preparing a checklist of certain questions regarding the specific goals of what you want to achieve out of a virtual career or job fair helps in planning an effective strategy.

Choosing the most appropriate platform

Selecting the right virtual fair platform is an important key to host a successful virtual job or career fair. Go with a platform that offers an immersive virtual event set up with customisable booths, interactive features such as live chat capabilities, engaging tools, and robust data tracking measures. It allows you to interact with your virtual attendees conveniently in real-time. In short, the right event technology offers great networking potential.

 Outline your budget for the virtual fair

Creating a budget is a vital step that is expected before you host a virtual fair. Consider various variables such as no. of attendees & sessions you want to host, technologies, or networking opportunities you wish to implement.

 Create an effective virtual fair strategy

Design a powerful virtual event approach while remembering your event goals to ensure success. Look for the dates of conducting a virtual career or job fair that draws maximum participation and turnouts.

 Make customizable booths

Virtual event platforms enable you to design an individual booth or table for each recruiting organization. Candidates can attend the booths of each company they find advantageous and have a one-on-one interaction with recruiters of the organization through video conferencing.

 Have a skilful staff for your virtual fair

Ensure that your virtual career fair has knowledgeable and experienced recruiters or hiring managers. Staffing proficient recruiters increase the spectrum of candidate’s questions being answered during virtual expos hours.

 Plan a pre-event marketing strategy

Once you have decided your goals, like who should be visiting the virtual fair and what will be your aim, start making your pre-event marketing strategy to promote your virtual fair. Promotion is the solution to assure achievement for any event. Even if your event is extremely good and informative, it will not deliver fruitful results until potential candidates are not informed. Develop an understanding of your potential audience and reach them out. Promote your event via direct marketing, public relations, and leveraging social media channels.

Design a simplified application process

Your candidates or job seekers would hardly be engaged in filling complex forms. To make sure that they adhere to the event, offer short forms or quick links.

 24/7 Technical and customer support

Virtual fairs may bring some unforeseen technical errors at the last minute. Therefore, it’s necessary to keep your event strengthened by 24*7 tech and customer support. It lets you keep your attendees engaged with the exciting content without splitting their attention. Make sure to perform a dry run before the main event. Identify the expected areas where you would need technical and staff support for your virtual fair.

Interpret performance

After the event, recognize event KPIs. Use the data available to gauge performance. For example, the number of enrollments vs the number of candidates, the number of candidates who visited each booth, and who have been asked to attend the next round of interviews, will provide you with an insight regarding the event’s success. It will empower you to examine the most successful organizations that you should invite for your following events.


If you have been reluctant until now about hosting virtual fairs, it’s time to get comfortable and enter the virtual space of job and career fairs gladly. The virtual fair presents a pathway for both companies and job seekers. It allows companies to keep their applicant pipeline packed with potential candidates. Also, a job seeker can discuss available job positions virtually from separate remote locations.

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