Jawa Forty Two – All about the 2021 model

Jawa Motorcycles have refreshed the Forty-Two model for 2021, but this new model will continue to sell alongside the standard model. The changes are pretty evident on the outside, while some mechanical enhancements have been made as well. The Jawa Forty-Two has been a popular choice among customers here in India, thanks to its charming appeal and competitive pricing.

Sportier Forty-Two

The Jawa Forty Two 2.1 brings with it some changes; one of which happens to be the black alloy wheels wrapped by tubeless tyres. Jawa Bikes have also made these accessories available to customers of the older Jawa Forty Twos. The whole bike sports a blacked-out theme, including the engine and exhaust pipes, identical to what we’ve seen on the Perak. The wheels also get pin stripes and there’s a broad racing stripe on the fuel tank too. The Jawa Forty Two gets bar-end mirrors as standard, but the tiny flyscreen, headlight grille and rear metal rack can be purchased as accessories. The mirrors do a decent job of giving you a clear view of what is behind. Jawa Bikes have equipped the Jawa Forty Two with new switches that includes a small button to scroll through the trip meters. The digital screen is nothing too great; so you get a gear position indicator, a clock and a trip computer. The Forty Two is a good looking, retro classic bike for the modern times and the updates haven’t changed much, but the gap between the tyre and rear fender can be sorted out on future models. The new bike is sold in different colours, like white, red and black and then of course, there’s the classic chrome-and-silver finish as well. The chassis is now stronger and preload has been adjusted for the front suspension, which prevents the motorcycle from bottoming when you brake on a speed-breaker. The bike is also slightly lighter now, thanks to the catalytic convertor having been removed.

A deeper beat

The engine includes changes as well that have resulted in a mild improvement in power. Refinements have been made to Jawa’s Cross Port technology that was first seen on the BS6-compliant bikes. The exhaust ports have now become more efficient, further allowing for a precise working of the lambda sensor whilst also making way for an improved flow of exhaust and intake gasses, and this also means slightly more power. Out on the road, the difference in power is very subtle, so yes, the engine does feel a bit exciting than it was, and this can mostly be felt in the mid-range. Also, the exhaust note has a deeper beat to it, which is welcome. Around corners, the Forty Two seems to be a hoot, mainly because the side stand has been redesigned so it doesn’t graze the tarmac. The motorcycle is light and easy to ride, but tipping into corners too much will still have the exhausts scrape the tarmac. Apart from the dynamics, the seat pan is new and consists of more foam and this makes it more supportive; seat height is the same and the low-slung profile means very tall riders might be a little uncomfortable. The bike soaks in the rough stuff easily but not without feeling firm.

Just go ahead

We couldn’t possibly be happier to see Jawa back from the dead, and the comeback has been strong. Among all its rather portly rivals, the Jawa Forty-Two feels the lightest and easiest to ride, with a hint of sportiness to it as well. If there’s one thing that will win over hearts with the Jawa brand, it’s the way these motorcycles look; they just somehow take you back to the good old times. This updated mechanicals and features will soon trickle on to the other models as well and the new Forty Two will be sold solely with dual-channel ABS. From what we’ve been observing since Jawa’s rebirth in India, we think they have the means to deliver in terms of reliability and demand.

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