Maruti Suzuki Celerio X – We take a closer look

The Celerio has been one of Maruti’s most popular and largest-selling small cars in the market, and in 2017, the brand decided to launch a ‘crossover’ version of it, called the Celerio X. The clean styling of the Celerio has appealed to many and after the facelift, it looked a bit sportier from the front. The Celerio X is a slightly rugged looking version of the regular Celerio, but is nowhere close to being a proper cross-hatchback. The Maruti Celerio X has the same ground clearance as its standard sibling. The Celerio X is nothing but a Celerio with some added cosmetics.

What’s the ‘X’ about?

Look at the Maruti Suzuki Celerio X from up close, and you will notice the same body panels remain intact. The Maruti Suzuki Celerio X gets matte-black faux body cladding along the sides; something you see on every cossover-lookalike. The bumper up-front shows off some mild differences in the design along with two faux black vertical bands beneath the headlamps. The top-end variants of the Maruti Suzuki Celerio X get the same alloy wheel pattern but are finished in black, while the lower variants get black wheel caps. Maruti Suzuki Cars have added a new Paprika Orange shade to the Celerio X. The rest of the car is untouched, including the headlights and tail lights.

Same story

Inside the Celerio X, Maruti Suzuki Cars haven’t touched the design of the cabin, bit it does get an all-black theme with silver accents. Even the infotainment system remains the same; it features Bluetooth/AUX/USB functions, but there is no SmartPlay touchscreen system. Plus, you don’t get the option of climate control. The cabin is very roomy and being a tall hatchback, vertical space is at its best, resulting in good legroom and headroom. The front seats provide good support and space at the back is equally good. The seat is comfy and your back gets good support too. The tiny, fixed headrests aren’t a good idea in case of a collision. And a third occupant at the back will find it a squeeze because of the rather narrow cabin. The dashboard is neat and functional with the U-shaped central console housing all the necessary functions like the AC controls while the gear lever is placed high-up, making it convenient to use. Fit and finish remain the same and there are useful spaces for storage in the cabin as well. The glovebox is decent in size and boot space is reasonably good at 235 litres.

Small but peppy

The Maruti Celerio X is powered by a 1.0-litre K-series petrol engine, producing 67bhp and 90Nm of torque, paired either to a 5-speed manual or an AMT gearbox. The engine is peppy, smooth and refined while ride quality remains the same as well. The Celerio X does not have any rivals, but the closest it can get to is the Kwid Climber, which is also the only car in that price bracket to offer a touchscreen infotainment system. We think the brand should’ve put in some more work to ensure it looked a bit different from the regular car. Power at low engine speeds isn’t bad at all; in fact, it’s quite responsive and quiet all the way up to 3000rpm. Sound insulation seems to play a part in this and like all the K-series engines, this one likes to be revved as well, but not without getting a bit vocal towards its limit. Performance is quite good and acceleration is decent as well. And the 5-speed manual gearbox is lighter too. Also, grab the latest info on the new cars, only at autoX.

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