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Organic foods that makes us good-looking : Natural beauty

Beauty is subjective. When we look around, we find diversity in beauty. As the science of beauty standards has evolved the techniques surrounding it has too. Getting a botched nose job in first world countries seems nothing grand anymore.

Looking beautiful although is a well rounded task. You have to take into consideration that if you’re healthy from inside then that’ll portray on the outside. Yes, what we eat can organically make us look brighter, rejuvenated and pretty in the long run.

Organic beauty nowadays consist of self-care practices. To take care of ourselves directly means that we have to be conscious of minor changes in our body.

We have listed below few organic foods that is easier than a botched nose job –


It is said by medical health professionals that banana is a versatile super food. Banana is packed with tryptophan ( TRP ) is significant in making serotonin and melatonin. It is also loaded with vitamin B which boost cell health, hormones and cholesterol production, muscle tone etc. Banana acts as an amazing exfoliator. It contains high levels of antioxidants which is beneficial for using it as a Botox. Some people easily include banana to be a healthy fast food breakfast as it quick and filling.


It is tri-herb formulae which comprises of amla ( gooseberry ), haritaki and bibhitaki. Organic foods are easy to access than some artificially made fitness products. Issues of bad metabolism encompass constipation which could be because of poor elimination. Breakouts, acne, pimples are major signs of a faulty gut. Triphala is famous for colon cleansing. In-taking 1tbsp of Triphala powder alongside lukewarm water in early morning is found to be good. The antimicrobial elements in this can prevent plaque growth on the teeth.


Next on our list is a super-food that is highly overlooked. Eggs are rich in biotin and zinc which supports the healthy and consistent growth of hair and nails. Many cultures around the world incorporates eggs in their self care beauty regimen. The lutein in eggs are somehow capable of hydration as well as gives elasticity to our skin. Egg whites are filled with a simple protein called albumin, helps in tightening pores. When asked : what is the healthiest food in the world ? eggs can safely be on top. They are loaded with Zeaxanthin which protect our eyes from harmful UV rays and other damages from sunlight.


Broccoli is not the most disliked green vegetable anymore. As we are becoming culturally more inclusive and trying new dished with this organic food in it. Broccoli contains antioxidants such as vitamin C which regulates healthy blood circulation. This vegetable also stores variety of minerals which are essential for a glowing skin. Especially lutein in broccoli prevents our skin from becoming dry and wrinkly. If one can input broccoli into their daily diets which then would maintain regular detox.

In conclusion :

If someone is comfortable with undertaking plastic surgery, Botox or facelifts then that is more than alright. But depending on healthier more controlled options to attain a certain level of beauty is advisable. New scientific studies co-relating beauty & health suggests eating more of organic than store bought ones can be the main reason behind beautiful plush skin. A well balanced diet can substitute your expense for future cosmetic surgeries. Health benefits of yoga, backed by research

When making meals be cautious of the ingredients you use, for eg. Fatty fishes like salmon, cod or halibut are best sources of omega 3 which gives us a radiant looking skin. Hope you enjoyed this article!

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