Should You Invest in CoCentrix EHR?

Company Overview

CoCentrix is a behavioral health software firm that develops creative solutions to connect, collaborate, and coordinate care and services across and between Health and Human Services, Education, Justice & Public Safety, Community Service Providers, and the people they serve.

The CoCentrix Coordinated Care Platform (CoCENTRIXccp), optimizes the behavioral care continuum for the best clinical and financial outcomes, the company’s flagship product. In addition, it results in a cascade of benefits for state and local governments, behavioral health providers, and consumers. Individuals and families benefit from this dynamic approach to coordinated care because it improves outcomes while lowering total healthcare expenditures.

CoCentrix EHR Software

The system is offered both on-premises and in the cloud. You can use only the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform to implement CoCentrix. In addition, patients and agencies can use their mobile devices to get crucial information with this human service solution.
Along with an EHR and a case management system, the software bundle includes managed care and consumer applications. When used together, these capabilities allow doctors to quickly integrate clinical patient medical information across numerous providers and organizations to manage both funds and services.

quick access to patients’ medical records from anywhere and at any time, this Health IT solution’s web-based implementation provides clinicians. CareTiles, CoCentrixccp’s mobile application suite, also contributes to this part of the product. This enables doctors and patients to access critical information via their mobile devices quickly.

Benefits of CoCentrix EHR Software

Access to Robust Features

Who need assistance with their billing departments, As a result, it’s an ideal choice for practitioners. According to CoCentrix reviews, the system also includes reporting and analytics capabilities for better management. Alarms, notifications and patient scheduling are among the other practice management tools supplied by this system.

Certified EHR Software

CoCentrixccp is ONC-ATCB accredited and ICD-10 ready. It is also HIPAA and DSM-5 compliant, and it aids practices in reporting Meaningful Use.

Mobile App

CoCentrixccp’s mobile application suite, CareTiles, allows agencies and patients to access critical information from their mobile devices. According to CoCentrix reviews, the mobile app is convenient and well-worth the Cocentrix cost.

Cloud-based Deployment

To operate CoCentrix Coordinated Care Platform mobile systems, you can utilize any internet-connected device. This feature, according to CoCentrix reviews, aids in enhancing your workflow for improved performance. Another advantage of cloud based EMR deployment is that it also preserves your sensitive medical information protected on their programs.

Finally, managing cloud-based software also prevents you from spending money on extra hardware.

Top Features of CoCentrix EHR Software

An electronic health record (EHR), case management, managed care, and consumer applications are among the top features of CoCentrix software. These capabilities allow clients to manage both services and funds by integrating clinical patient information across numerous organizations and providers.

Other capabilities include billing and receivables, reporting and analytics, document management, notifications, and scheduling. For example, patients can use the scheduling and registration function to look at available slots and make appointments with doctors. Here is a breakdown of the top features, According to CoCentrix reviews:

  • Activity Tracking
  • Appointment Scheduling Feature
  • Appointment Confirmation/Reminders
  • Assessment Notes
  • Billing and Invoicing Services
  • Calendar Management
  • Case List Management
  • Claims Filing
  • Compliance Tracking
  • Document Management
  • Electronic Prescribing Tool
  • Employee Management
  • Patient Insurance Eligibility Verification

CoCentrix Cost

Unfortunately, CoCentrix doesn’t publicly disclose its pricing models. As a result, the only way to analyze and find out how much CoCentrix Coordinated Care Platform costs is to contact the vendor directly through the company’s website. All we know is that there are two types of pricing: one-time and subscription. In addition, users must pay extra for drug formula checks and the e-prescription service.

Moreover, there is no free version or free trial available for the CoCentrix Coordinated Care Platform.

CoCentrix Reviews

Reading online reviews of the CoCentrix Coordinated Care Platform allows you to go further into various software features and see them from the perspective of current users. You can find reviews on a variety of places. Here are some of the expected benefits and drawbacks to assist you better grasp the system! Overall, the CoCentrix Coordinated Care Platform has a good user rating, meaning that current users enthusiastically endorse it. Top 10 Best IT Asset Management Software in 2021


  • Everything is simple to understand, and teaching patients how to connect to it is simple.
  • CoCentrix is straightforward to use for appointments, medications, and lab results.
  • It’s simple to work with this company and product.


  • The tech support is not helpful.

CoCentrix Alternatives


It is ideal for addiction treatment and behavioral health providers with ten or more customers who offer inpatient and outpatient services and want complete integration. In addition, it serves both profit and non-profit organizations.


TenEleven offers complete end-to-end EHR software for behavioral health, substance addiction, and mental health programs in inpatient, outpatient, residential, and mobile settings.

Our Final Thoughts

This could be the system for you!, If you’re a medical office searching for a complete EHR and Practice Management solution with mobile phone connectivity. Moreover, when compared to other similar systems on the market, the cost of the CoCentrix Coordinated Care Platform is affordable.

Other than that, we propose that you make a list of your needs and see if CoCentrix Software meets them. Furthermore, reading several CoCentrix reviews would help to acquire a personal impression of the CoCentrix Software. Additionally, scheduling a CoCentrix software demo and immediately studying the features might help you make an informed decision.

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