Stylish kurta for men- Tips to style them up like a pro

Stylish kurta for men has been trending for ages as a traditional attire of the Indian community. Not only do these kurtas shout out loud about the Indian culture, but they also get a man dressed up in an attire that makes a man look trendy and handsome at the same time. All one needs to do is to dress up in the right way. But how do you dress up in style while wearing this Indian attire? Here are a few tips that you can implement to style up men’s kurtas like a pro:

Plains and whites

Plain kurtas can go very well with white pajamas. May it be any color, dark ones, light ones, pastels, neon colors, a white-colored pajama can work out the perfect magic of matching your kurtas with it. In fact, you are always safe by wearing a white-colored pajama with plain colored kurtas as you can never go wrong by performing by this mix and match therapy. Though you can also try your kurtas with other color pajamas, white pajamas are forever to dress you up as a stunner.

Printed kurta pajamas

Though plain kurtas are evergreen, printed kurtas are also never going to lose their appeal. Printed kurtas are as popular as plain ones and can never go out of fashion. Thus, do get some printed kurtas too so that you can wear them and rock your traditional style.

Dress up as per your physique

Your physique also plays an important role when you pick up a stylish kurta for men. While people with a perfect built can go for fitted kurtas that stay fit on their shoulders and back to highlight their features, overweight people should consider going for little loose ones so that they do not have to keep adjusting it all the time. Whatever the case may be, kurtas are for everyone, so pick them as per your physique.

Not more than three at one-time rule

If you are wearing printed or colorful kurtas, make sure that the color combination is restricted to three colors. You would not like to look like a box of candy with different colored flavors, right? If you are wearing kurta pajamas of different colors and carrying a shawl also, make sure that you do not have more than three color combinations on your dress. 

Add a Nehru jacket

If you plan to go back to the basics with a slim-fit stylish kurta for men coupled up with a churidar pajama and mojris, then the next to come in line is a Nehru jacket. A plain colored kurta looks at its best when you have a printed Nehru jacket with it, and we are sure that you would love to adorn them with your favorite kurta pajama pair.

Pathani kurtas and dhotis

If you have bought a pathani Stylish kurta for men, then a dhoti-styled pajama will best compliment your overall appearance. Not just the common people, you will also find celebrities rocking this look in festive seasons. So, if you are getting a pathani kurta, make sure that you also bring dhoti-style pants to complete its look. 

Ditch the flashy stuff

When you put on a kurta, you should not look like a Christmas tree with decorated stuff. Thus it is always a better idea to stay away from flashy stuff while wearing one. Her, we are not talking about embroidery but other flashy work, sequins, and glittery stuff that can incline your kurta to look feminine.

Go for trendy necklines

This advice is surely not for the plain kurtas as they may not come out as stylish when designed on a plain colored kurta. But try getting trendy necklines on printed ones and see how soon you can earn compliments from all who take a glance at you. A kurta with a trendy neckline can uplift your attire and fuse a debonair look.

Stay at bay from V-necks

Though trendy necklines are in but consider staying away from V- pattern necklines, V-necks are fine when you talk about Kurtas for womenbut not in the case of men.  Men’s Kurtas are more of a formal and traditional styled dressing attire, but a V-neck pattern can make it go casual. 

Asymmetric kurtas

It’s good to be different. And, asymmetric pants can take your kurta pajama fashion to the next level without any hassle or pressure of improvising on the looks. Moving ahead with the regular kurta pajamas, you can consider picking on asymmetric kurtas coupled with dhoti style pants for full-fledged party attire. Asymmetric kurtas are not even and have uneven cuts that can be adorned with a dhoti pant that matches the combo set. 

Rolling up the sleeves

Nothing can make you look more handsome than rolling up your sleeves till your elbows. The Rolling of sleeves adds a manly quotient and makes people fall for your style. And, you can try this hack for every kurta your wear. Right from wearing the basic ones to traditional, pathani, or any kurta that one wears, rolling the sleeves can add that macho look even when you are dressed up traditionally.


These were a few styling tips for men to try out while you wear Stylish kurta for menDo you have more such tips in mind? Do let us know!

Till then, keep shopping and never stray away from wearing a kurta and accentuate your traditional side!

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