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Tie Ponytails Like Stars Having Short Hair

Ponytail means long hair on the back and all the girls who like ponytail can’t even think of cutting their hair! But it is also very difficult to have long hair this summer and after seeing one beautiful bob and lobes after another on Instagram, I sometimes want to cut my long hair and enjoy the heat with my short hair! Short hair or ponytail, thinking that those who cannot decide anything, let them know, what if you get both, at the same time again?

Don’t be surprised! You can really cut your hair short but you don’t have to give up your favourite hairstyle for that! There is no shortage of different hairstyles for short hair, and you can tie a ponytail in different styles for short hair! Also, you can try ponytail lemonade braids for a different look. See for yourself!

  • Baby ponytail with sweet bow
  • Half ponytail
  • High Wave Ponytail
  • Wraparound ponytail
  • Side ponytail with braid

Baby ponytail with sweet bow

The long ponytail is very dear to us forever, but the ponytail tied down at this neck has also taken our minds away! The additional attraction is the black big bow! To tie the ponytail in this way, comb the hair and comb it in the middle, then tie the ponytail by lowering it near the neck. At the end of the ponytail wrapped in black or any other color of choice! Blow the hair in the middle of the top of the head a little and leave a little loose hair around the face. The main attraction of this style is the random casual look.

Half ponytail

Have you tied a half ponytail with long hair for so long? If so, know that even short hair, half ponytail looks very sweet! This hairstyle is long and easy to tie! Divide the hair into three parts from the front. Turn the middle part upside down and tie it to the ponytail. Now keep the rest of the hair straight or wavy as you wish.

High Wave Ponytail

High ponytail that can be so glamorous, do not believe it! Like Ananya Pandey, make a beach wave in your whole hair first, then tie it up and tie it behind your head, you are ready!  You’re Guide To Lapband Surgery Brisbane

Wraparound ponytail

The secret to this ponytail hairstyle is that it looks complicated. Although it’s easy, it looks elegant for a special event or important gathering. First, part your hair down the center. Part 2 sections of hair in the front, on each side of the center section. Gather the rest of the hair in the ponytail and secure it with a rubber band. Next, take one of the sections and gather it back, twisting it around the base of the ponytail. Secure under the ponytail with a barrette. Repeat these steps for the other section. For even greater impact, create a puffy ponytail by lifting the hair and teasing the opposite side, with unexpected volume. Keep style in place (and volume intact) with a generous spray of Fructis Volume Anti-Humidity Hairspray.

Side ponytail with braid

If side ponytails remind you of the 80s, read on, because you’re wrong. The side ponytails used today are more subtle, stylish and easy to get, anytime, anywhere. The placement of this ponytail (just above the ear, to the side) is as flattering as it is modern. Start by steaming dry hair with Fructis Sleek & Shine Anti-Humidity Hairpray, which fights frizz (and prevents the straightened look from being ruined). Part your hair to one side and then gather it in the opposite direction to that side. (It should be seen from the side but at the back of the head and at the level of the ears.) Secure with a rubber band. Next, make a simple braid and pin the ends. Finish by steaming a little more hair spray. Side ponytail hairstyles couldn’t be easier.


As we all know hair styling is an important part of our daily routine. Here we have discussed some easy hair styles that can easily tie.

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