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Top 10 Money Earning Apps: In today’s article we will talk about Top 10 Money Earning Apps. Using which you can make good money sitting at home i.e. work from home. Do you know that in today’s digital world people are earning a lot of money by playing games too. So that’s why we will also give you information about such an app in which you can make money by playing games. So let us tell you which apps are those:

Top 10 Money Earning Apps

1- Upstox

Upstox is an online trending app in which you can earn a lot of money. In this, you can earn money both by investing and without investment.


By investing, you can make money by buying the right share and selling it at a higher price, but this process is quite risky.

Without Investment:-

In this, you can earn by referring this app and also earn good money. You will refer it with your friends and relatives and they will open their account in it. According to the number of accounts you open, you get a chance to earn 500 ₹ on per referral.
It is never stable, sometimes upstox gives 500, sometimes even 400 rupees.

2-  Place

Meesho is an app in which you can earn a lot of money by reselling. Meesho is the best mobile money earning app in India today. This is an app in which you can earn money without investing a single rupee.

With Meesho, you can pick up any product and make good money by selling it through your social media account. For this, even if you do not have an audience, you can easily do it. In this you can sell out the product by setting your margin on every product. Like if your product is worth 200 rupees and you sold this product for 250 then you got 50 rupees margin, meesho gives you this money directly in your bank account.

To earn money from Meesho app, first you have to install this app and place first order. There is also a discount of 30 percent on placing for the first time.

3- MPL

If you are fond of playing games in mobile, then MPL is the best app for you, with the help of which you can earn good money by playing the game. This app is specially designed for game lovers only. No matter how many games we play in such a mobile, we cannot earn a single penny, but you can also earn money by playing games in this app.

How will it happen?

To play the game in MPL, first you need a token and to add a token you have to share it with your friends, you can earn good money by adding tokens and playing the game.

In this app you can earn money by playing many games and you can transfer the money received in this app to your upi, paytm or even bank account. There is no limit in this, if you have earned only 10 ₹, then you can also transfer it to your account.

4- Wooplr

Wooplr is also a kind of reselling app. In this, you can start an online business by creating your own online store without investing a single rupee and can earn a lot of money, but for this you will have to work very hard.

In this too there are many products like meesho app. It has to be placed by promoting it, this app automatically delivers the order made by you to your customer and you have to set margin before placing the order. This margin which you have set is sent directly to your bank account after the order is completed.

Apart from this, you can earn up to ₹ 25 per referral by sharing this app with your friends. But there are two options of payout in this, first is bank account and second is paytm.

5-  Databuddy

Through this app you can earn money very easily. In this, you only have to install the app and complete some small tasks and surveys. In return you can earn paytm cash. Apart from this, you can also earn up to Rs 200 by referring this app to others and registering them.

6- Kwai App

With the help of Kwai app, you can earn money by doing time pass very easily. For that you have to watch videos in kwai app and you can earn money by watching videos and uploading videos. If you want to earn quick money by working less, then you must download the kwai app.

7- Dream 11

You can earn good money from Dream 11 app, for that you need to have good knowledge of cricket because this app is based on cricket only. In this people win lakhs of rupees every day.

To play this game you have to download dream 11 first. After that signup in it and choose your own team. In which there will be 11 players, then when the match starts, your selected players will perform well, then your income will be decided according to your ranking. If all the players performed well then you too can earn lakhs of rupees like others. You can start this game with a small investment.

8- Crazy app

Loco app is a kind of quiz app in which you can earn money by answering questions. This app is also available in many different languages. In this app, you can answer by selecting Hindi, Marathi, Bengali, English language. Apart from quiz, you can also earn money by playing other games in it. In this, you get only 10 seconds to answer, within that you have to answer.

9- Phone pay:-

You all must have heard the name of Phone Pay. You can earn money in this also. Just you have to download it and add your bank account and share your referral link with your friends and relatives phone pay gives you 100 ₹ on every referral. Which you can transfer directly to your bank account.

10- Cash Boss

Cash Boss is a simple earning app. With the help of which you can earn money. In this you have to download the app and get money for spin this wheel. Apart from this, you can earn up to Rs 15 by referring and registering this app.

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