Top 10 motivational speakers in India

We all face a time in life where we feel stuck. We do not know whether the things we are doing are right or wrong, and what we shall be doing instead of that. In these situations, we need some emotional push, but aren’t able to share the situation with our friends and family. This is where the role of the best motivational speakers in India comes to play. Being an Indian, motivational speakers in India know the problems faced by an Indian better. If you search for Indian famous motivational speaker in Google or YouTube, there will be a never ending list. Though, we present you a list of top 10 best motivational speakers in India, having millions of followers in their social media accounts, and are high regarded.

Dr. Deepak Chopra

Being trained as a doctor from Delhi, Dr. Deepak Chopra found success in the US. But soon he found interest in spirituality and practiced TM (Transcendental Meditation) with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. He is also an author of multiple bestsellers on wellbeing and health. Through books, seminars, and ideas, he has impacted many people.

Akash Gautam

Being among the best Indian famous motivational speaker for youth and corporate events, Akash Gautam was a part of events organized by world’s top corporate organizations and premier most institutions. He is also a blogger, having more than 3000,000 fans in social media platforms. He has a wide range of audience including Miss India contestants, IAS officers, as well as Tihar Jail Inmates.

Dr. Sudha Murthy

Dr. Sudha Murthy is among the best lady motivational speaker in India, and is most known for her simplicity. Apart from being the chairperson of the Infosys foundation, her understated elegance, simple appearance, and genuine smile will captivate you.

Yogesh Chabria

He is among the best motivational speakers in India due to his own life experiences as an entrepreneur. Being a regular columnist in Times of India, CNBC, and other magazines, Yogesh Chabria has spoken for top Billionaires, CEOs, and celebrities.

Dr. Vivek Bindra

Being among the best Indian famous motivational speaker, Dr. Vivek Bindra has more than 18 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. He is also an entrepreneur and bisuness coach. he is the founder and CEO of Bada Business.

Sandeep Maheshwari

Having almost 22 Million subscribers in his YouTube channel, Sandeep Maheshwari is among the most-known motivational speakers in India. His life struggle motives him to help others, and so he became a motivational speaker.

T. S. Madaan

T.S. Madaan has 40+ years of experience and is among the best motivational speakers in India. His events are filled with comedy and are educative. His clients are mostly from Life Insurance, FMCG, Retails, and Pharmaceuticals backgrounds.

Priya Kumar

Priya Kumar is among the India’s most youngest and influential lady motivational speaker. She is also well renowned internationally and is invited to events, conferences, workshops and seminars all over the world. Her clients include the biggest names in India, and she has also been a bestselling author.

Shiv Khera

Along with being a brilliant motivational speaker in India, Shiv Khera also a bestselling author, activist, and an experienced politician. He used to work as an insurance agent before becoming a motivational speaker. He authored the bestseller ‘You Can Win’, and attends events, seminars, and conventions, worldwide.

Simranjeet Singh

Born and bought-up in Delhi, Simranjeet Singh is among the youngest and dynamic motivational speakers in India. After pursuing Degree in Hotel Management and worked in the US, Dubai, and India, he changed his path and decided to become a motivational speaker. His speeches have motivated employees in over 100 companies, including Novartis, Vodafone, and TATA.



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