Top 10 Samsung Products Worth Buying The Most

Samsung is one of the technology brands with a long history, every year it introduces many lines of phones, smartwatches, .. with increasingly modern configurations and features.  Here are the top 10 Samsung products worth buying today that you should refer to.

1. Samsung Galaxy S21

This is one of four high-end phone lines launched at the beginning of the year. This phone line is highly appreciated by users. In the Galaxy S21 series, the Samsung Galaxy S21 5G is the product with record sales in the ranking of the best Samsung phones today.

The outer shell of this Smartphone is slim, slim, only 165.1 x 75.6 x 8.9 mm, and weighs 22 g. The back is also covered with a matte finish, creating a luxurious and durable look over time. No worries about fingerprints and no fear of scratches due to external impacts.

The design of most of Samsung’s latest smartphones today is the front camera eye that is punched right in the left corner of the device, optimizing the area as much as possible. Makes the screen much more spacious and convenient than previous products.

2. Samsung Galaxy S20 FE

Also in the Samsung Galaxy S series but this model is completely different. Galaxy S20 FE has just been covered earlier this year but has caused a fever throughout Asia. Samsung Galaxy S20 FE is chosen by many Samsung fans thanks to its ability to catch the trend of professional photography.

This product includes a set of 3 cameras including The main camera has a 12MP ultra-wide angle, an 8MP telephoto camera that supports 3X optical zoom to provide the camera with the maximum shooting angle. Even in dimly lit spaces, the flagship S20 FE still gives impressive image quality thanks to the Dual Pixel sensor that optimizes light capture, multi-frame noise reduction.

3. Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G

Featuring Exynos 990 chip with extreme performance. Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G gives customers the ultimate experience.

The screen of the flagship Note 20 Ultra 5G is up to 6.9 inches wide with borderless background spray, Dynamic AMOLED 2X technology, and 1500 nits brightness for the feeling of watching movies and surfing photos.

Note 20 Ultra 5G also supports Spen that has been improved and upgraded many times compared to previous generations. You can completely take notes with extremely smooth handwriting. Not only that, but this feature also supports converting text into text, making it easy for you to manipulate and work efficiently.

With superior features, Note 20 Ultra 5G deserves to be one of the phones at the top of the best Samsung phones today that you can consider.

4. Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 (special edition)

Belonging to the super high-end product line, Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 is a special version from Samsung that all brands on the market have not yet. The flagship with a double-sided touch screen is like a super classic of the world.

This flagship Galaxy Z Fold 2 not only polishes the flashy exterior, but the interior is also extremely powerful, worthy of the name of the special edition, worth owning. The screen quality of the device is impeccable thanks to the Dynamic AMOLED panel with Full HD resolution combined with a size of 7.59 inches. Help the image quality reach the peak quality.

If you are wondering which is the best Samsung phone today, you can refer to this Galaxy Z Fold 2 from Samsung. There are a lot of promotions, discount codes, coupons for customers when buying Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2, take advantage of this opportunity to own this technological super product.

5. Samsung Galaxy A71

The product impresses users with its luxurious appearance and compact design. Finishing the chassis layer with glass imitation plastic combined with color transition effects and diamond squeezing, creating a trendy feeling for the device. In particular, Samsung’s flagship A71 is delicate with a thickness of only 7.7 mm, which is convenient to hold and perform tasks.

6. Samsung Galaxy A32

Featured in the A32 smartphone series are the extreme configuration parameters that bring unexpected task performance. Samsung is quite favoring mid-range smartphones when equipped with Mediatek Helio G80 chip, 6GB RAM and 128GB memory, 5000 mAh battery capacity to bring a phone with smooth, smooth tasks and enhanced performance. stronger level than the old lines.

7. Samsung Galaxy A52

Unique design, thin and light with IP67 water and dust resistance. Galaxy A52 is water-resistant at more than 1 meter for up to 30 minutes. Bringing the experience of underwater photography or comfortable work in any situation.

8. Mono Bluetooth headset Samsung MG900E

Mono Bluetooth headset Samsung MG900E has many outstanding advantages, so it is at the top of the most popular headsets on the market. The product has a quite luxurious and sophisticated design style that brings high aesthetics to the user. The outside of the headset has an additional layer of leather covering to increase the level of the product. Quite a lot of young people in recent years are very fond of this product.

9. Smartwatch Samsung Gear S2 Sport

Samsung Gear S2 Sport is a very popular smartwatch model of Samsung today. This model has an aluminum surface while the strap is made of rubber and is conveniently removable. This product has a very dynamic and fashionable design. Therefore, this product is considered to be the most beautiful smartwatch model of Samsung at present.

You can save money and get the Samsung Gear S2 Sport with coupons at reputable address, not fake but cheaper.

10. Samsung Galaxy Watch 3

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 is also a very popular smartwatch model of the company today. This product is designed with a metal rim and the back and Home buttons have many similarities with traditional mechanical watches. This device is quite compact and thin, feels light and comfortable to wear in the hand.


Above are the top 10 Samsung products worth buying today. Hope the above information is useful for you in the process of choosing the best Samsung product line for yourself. And don’t forget to use discount codes, coupons when buying to own these great technology items. Which are the best upcoming mobile phones in India

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