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Top 3 Metrics For Video Marketing ROI

Video is the “king” of content nowadays. The appearance of video channels like Youtube, Instagram, and TikTok makes video content getting popular these past years. Video is considered as powerful to grab attention from people. The power of video is also used by many companies for achieving their business goals.

They believe by incorporating videos as part of their marketing strategy, they will get many benefits they can use to move their companies forward. Unfortunately, not all of them are successful in applying video marketing. Even though they’ve done a good job of creating the best high-quality videos, they still don’t get the results they want.

Some companies still think that after sharing their videos, their job is done. They still have a long way to go. They still need to do some evaluation to make sure that their videos perform well. One of the ways is by measuring video marketing ROI. By measuring video marketing ROI, they can also get feedback that is useful for improving their video’s quality.

You also need to do the same thing for the success of your video marketing. To put in perspective, these are three important metrics you can check to measure video marketing ROI:

#1. View Count

If you are a beginner, you can start measuring your video marketing ROI with this metric. View count is the easiest metric that is helpful to find out how many times your videos have been opened. The more views you get from the video, the more exposure you will get. This exposure can be your way to get more viewers.

The result of this metric is different depending on the platform you choose to share your videos.   For example, if you share your videos on youtube, this platform will count your video views if your viewers watch your videos for the 30s. This fact can be a good thing for you if your videos are in the same duration or less. But, if you make your videos with a longer duration, that means your viewers are not watching your videos until they finish.

This fact can be a sign for you that your videos are not attractive enough for your viewers. If you already know this, you can immediately make some improvements to your videos. Even Though view count is a useful metric for your video’s quality, you can’t depend fully on this metric.

It is because this metric doesn’t show relevancy as explained previously. This irrelevance makes you get the wrong information on improving your videos. So, you should use other metrics too to get more information you need about your video’s performance.

#2. Watch-Time

These days, people like to spend time watching videos on some channels like Youtube, Instagram, or TikTok. The development of technology tools like mobile phones has become a supporting factor where people can easily access videos. This makes the consumption of mobile phones rise to 100%.

Seeing this fact should make you check watch-time as your metrics too.  By checking watch-time, you can find out how long viewers watch your videos. If you find out that your viewers spend a long time watching your videos, that means you are already making the best quality videos that are attractive for your viewers. If not, that means there are some things you need to fix or improve from your videos.

To make your videos attractive, you need to pay attention to some things. Make sure you already make your videos short but still informative for viewers. Make sure you already put all the information your viewers needed on the videos. You can make it more engaging by using catchy taglines or utilize relatable stories to make your viewers feel like they are part of your video. Show off some benefits or uniqueness of your products to convince your viewers to make purchases.

#3. Social Sharing

As an internet user, you may realize how powerful social media is nowadays. Some social media like Instagram and Twitter are getting more new users every day. This popularity is used by many marketers to share their videos on these platforms. A study found that posting videos on social media will have 48% more views. So, sharing videos on social media can be helpful to get more exposure as much as possible too.

If you are already sharing your videos on social channels, you still need to do some checking on your videos’ performance. It all depends on the social channels you choose. For example, if you choose Instagram, you can check your video’s performance through how many likes it gets. You can also check it through comments to see the opinions of viewers about your videos.

If they like your videos, that means you already get their attention. The more viewers like your videos, the more chances of videos will be shared with others. If this thing happens, it will slowly increase your brand awareness and help you to get more viewers.

If you want your videos to get more likes and be shared by your target audience, make sure you research to find out your viewers’ favorite content and social media platforms they use to watch it. This information will help you to make videos that are relevant to your viewers. The relevance of your videos will attract their interest to like and share it with others.

Don’t forget to adjust your videos with the social media’s requirements and share them at the right time. You can post your videos in the afternoon just like 34% of marketers do. Besides, make sure to make your videos more appealing with some attractive elements like funny intros, beautiful backgrounds, or uplifting back sounds. By making your videos more appealing, the chance to get them liked and shared is getting bigger.


Some companies still make mistakes in video marketing that prevent them from getting maximum results. One of these mistakes is not checking their video’s performance after sharing them. To prevent the same mistakes in your video marketing, you need to be attentive to measuring your video marketing ROI.

Measuring your video marketing ROI is very helpful to check your video’s performance and get the information you need to improve your videos’ quality. The information you get also can help you to make videos that are relevant to your viewers and build engagement with them. 6 Reasons Why Online Reviews Are Important For Your Brand

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