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Top 3 Parental Control & Monitoring Software for Android Devices

Parental control and monitoring software for android can give insight into cellphones to have peace of mind that kids are safe online. Since the digital citizenship of kids is on the rise, kids love to spend time online they have become vulnerable to online predators. Non-tech savvy parents and even savvies are struggling to protect their kids online.

Many young teens get involved in inappropriate and potentially risky activities online and test the boundaries back and forth.  You can check your teen’s cellphone manually, and you can see social networks like WhatsApp, Snapchat, Facebook, Snapchat, and many more. Do you know android phones have become X-rated theaters of young children, and they browse adult sites? They also share their privacy with strangers and often lure to strangers.

When your children start hiding their phone screen, make sure to use parental control and monitoring apps for android phones. Here are the best apps that protect your children on android devices to the fullest.

TheOneSpy–Best Parental control software

It is one of the Best Phone Spy App for android that empowers you to set parental control on the target device. It is fast and provides you real-time results about kid’s activities on android phones and tablet devices. It empowers parents to keep track of kids’ hidden whereabouts and record live phone calls in real-time.

The application has multiple location tracking features and also captures screenshots and keystrokes on android phones. It is hidden and undetectable android parental control software.  You can use it on your kid’s phone without rooting. The android monitoring software is easy to install, and you can operate it via an online dashboard.

Best parental control features for android phones

  • Live screen recording
  • Keystrokes logging
  • Social media spy
  • Browsing history
  • Password chaser
  • Screenshots
  • GPS location tracker
  • View installed Apps
  • Surround recording

OS compatibility:

TheOneSpy monitoring software is the best tool for android and is compatible with OS version 5.0 up to version 11.0. You don’t need to root any cell phone device to use parental control software.  The application can hide app icons on android 10 and 11. That’s why TheOneSpy still stands at the top as a hidden phone monitoring application.


  • The best parental control software for android in 2021
  • 250+ Features for cell phone surveillance
  • Live surround listening is possible
  • View360 is a feature that no other application claims yet
  • It is a non-rooted application
  • It is a hidden, and temper –proof application
  • Best for the protection of teens from online predators
  • Reasonably well for remote spying after installation


  • No remote installation process
  • Offer one plan for one device at a time

OgyMOgy-Best Monitoring software for cellphones

You can install parental control software on your target mobile to access messages, chats, voice, and video chat logs. Users can track the GPS location, location history and set Geo-fence on the target phone. It is the best Monitoring software for android phones. The application only provides android parental control solutions and for computer devices as well.

It is hidden and non-rooted spy software for cellphone. It gives you instant results when you install a monitoring app on the target device. Users can record live phone calls, read text messages, hack a microphone to listen to surroundings, and capture keystrokes applied on the target device. The application is one of the few best parental control solutions these days for parents.

Best OgyMOgy android monitoring software Features:

  • Keylogger software
  • IM’s spy
  • Text messages spy
  • GPS tracking
  • Live camera spy
  • Screen recorder
  • Surround recorder

These are the features that you can use by using OgyMogy mobile parental control. You can get data via the online dashboard.

OS compatibility: 

OgyMogy is the best android parental control is compatible with phones running from 5.0 up to OS version 11.0. The application works under complete secrecy and without root. It unveils everything on the target phone via an online dashboard.


  • The application is reasonable in price & offer many packages
  • It is easy to install & take little time to set up on android
  • It has dozen of parental control features
  • Parental control is hidden and non-detectable on the target phone
  • It tracks the hidden whereabouts of the teens with accuracy
  • It monitors and records social networks VoIP calls


  • It does not support iPhone devices
  • It is compatible only with android devices
  • No remote installation process
  • No call interception Features

SecureKin–Free parental control App

It is the best parental control software for free. You can use it on any cell phone device like android and iPhone. It is compatible with all the latest android and iPhones, and you can use its most powerful features to safeguard kids from online vulnerabilities like stalkers, cyberbullies, and online dating. The application has many parental control features that help parents to protect teens. Top 10 Advantages of an iPhone Over Android: Know Here

You can download the application from the Play store and install it on your cell phone and then on your child’s phone as well. You can create the login ID and password and get started with that without paying a single penny. The application is user-friendly and easy to operate to protect kids from digital vulnerabilities. Let’s get to know about the top features of the secureKin parental control application.

Top Features of SecureKin application:

Here are the following most powerful tools of phone parental control software that you need to know to protect your kids from online dangers:

  • Web filter
  • Real-Time Location
  • Activity Report
  • Screen-Time
  • App block
  • Location history
  • Keylogger
  • Browsing History

OS Compatibility:

SecureKin parental monitoring app is compatible with all android and iPhone devices.


  • It is one of the best phone parental control app
  • Protect kids from cyber predators
  • Monitor inappropriate browsing activities of kids
  • Prevent teens from online dating
  • Monitor teens hidden whereabouts
  • Block inappropriate apps
  • Measure kids screen-time on phones

These are the pros of secureKin parental control application that you can install on your kid’s phone and put your worries to rest.


These are the top 3 parental control and monitoring apps for android devices. Every application has significant uses that give parents peace of mind from digital parental concerns.

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