Top Wedding Trends in Australia 2022


Planning a wedding is one of the most nerve-wrecking and exhilarating experiences a woman would ever go through. Satin gowns, flowery décor, candle lit table tops and the venue to take your breath away. Fashion is not the only thing trending over this side of the world. 

A Wedding is always in season and is definitely one to watch out for on the trend scale in the upcoming year. You can keep your wedding unique to your own style and incorporate some of the timeless & modern trends ahead of time for 2022. Create a truly unforgettable memory. I have listed a few of the most popular wedding trends in Australia for 2022 below: 

The Mediterranean 

Many couples will be looking forward to travelling across Australia or flying overseas for a destination wedding in 2022. The crystal blue oceans are beckoning lovers to prepare for their once in a life time weddings. This is especially true for the couples with an adventurous streak that had to be subdued during the lockdown periods and are looking for travel inspiration for their special day. Italy’s beaches or tinier cities in Mexico could be one of the most in-demand venues next year.  

Queensland or South Australia 

For convenience most Aussies will probably opt for a local wedding in the beautiful sunshine coast or within the rich luxuries of South Australia. The landscapes in both these areas are vast, unique wedding set ups will be a creative exploration. No wonder it will be trending in 2022. 

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Throwing It Back to the 60s

The bridal dress silhouettes are going to the 60s. The runways were dominated by short/ sultry, long-slit dresses made of silk and A-line dresses this time around. Be sure to get high-quality wedding dresses Melbourne should be your go-to location to find a range of bridal dresses on trend for 2022. 

Shorter Veils

We are seeing it this late into 2021 and it will probably continue on into 2022. Unlike the traditional veils that end around 5 feet away from the body, a short veil seems to be more practical. This trend was driven by pop icon Ariana Grande, who wore a shoulder length veil for her wedding and this type of veil spread like wildfire soon after. Be sure to look out for it next year! 

Shorter Guest List & Family Dining 

Most people will be opting for a smaller crowd at their weddings this year given the pandemic the world is facing. Smaller gatherings will definitely be trending all the way into the upcoming year. In addition, the lockdowns have brought several families closer together and created an essence of appreciation amongst members. The popular dining style will be based on a family set up next year, which will be incorporated into the design and décor with extravagant detailing on the furniture. 

Pastels & Contrasts 

Soft pastel palettes will be all the rage in 2022. This will be seen in the bridal make-up, wedding retinue’s outfits and flowers. Lilacs, light yellows and lighter shades of pink will definitely be in the mix. On the other hand, bolder and contrasting hues could also become popular next year. From bright blues to vibrant oranges. The weddings are sure to be a festival of colors. 

Keep your wedding trendy, memorable and timeless in 2022.

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