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Viber Bot API: Reshaping Customer Conversations for Businesses

Viber Bot API

Effectively and efficiently communicating with your consumers might be difficult at times, but it doesn’t have to be if you use the right platform. The importance of using a messaging platform for business communication is becoming increasingly evident, as it allows business to send memorable, customized messages to each and every clients.

When it comes to popularity and user base, Viber currently ranks in the top three messaging apps worldwide. Businesses can use it as a wonderful platform to engage with customers and enhance local or global communication.

So, how to use Viber to reshape customer communication? The answer lies in Viber bot API. It can allow you to send location-based messages with personalized content along with rich media communications that include photographs, videos, and audio to enhance customer communication.

Technical Features of Viber Bot API

Here are some of the technical features of Viber bot API:

● Messaging
Viber offers promotional and transactional message for businesses. They can be sent as conversation or non-response messages, sent individually or in bulk.
● Push Notifications
By appearing on the home screen, push notification draw attention even when a user’s smartphone is locked.
● Interactive Tools and Rich Messaging

Emojis and text formatting to multimedia formats, images, buttons, and customizable brand stickers, among other things.
● Chatbots
Artificial intelligence (AI)-driven chatbots can be customized to provide messages that accelerate key procedures, maintain business operations 24/7, and facilitate and enhance managers’ tasks.

Top Reasons to Add Viber Bot API to Your Business Communication

Why add viber Bot API to your Business communication? Here’s the answer:

● Branded Appearance
The name of the company is in the username, and a checkmark is on the verified profile.
● Capabilities for Integration
Popular CMS and CRM programs, online marketplaces, and web apps can be easily integrated with the Viber bot API.
● Customer Interaction
Targeted messaging initiatives increase conversion rates and yield up to 80% return on investment.
● Protection
End-to-end encryption protects all sent and received data.
● Analytical Insights
Analyze the effect of your promotions and general communications by gaining access to information about users activity.

Ways to Use Viber Chatbot to Improve Customer Conversation

The viber chatbot can be used in a variety of ways to help your business expand.

1. Efficient Customer Communication

Approximately 70 million interactions occur on Viber in a single hour. People adore this platform and all of its interactive features. So with Viber Bot:
● You can connect with the audience at their convenience and time preference
● Engage consumers directly and speed up response times
● Manage communication easily by eliminating the inconvenience of customer queues

2. Omnichannel Support

You can boost client retention by 91% year over year by using an omnichannel strategy. And achieving that objective will require a chatbot. Features that support omnichannel messaging allow you to:
● Quickly launch the bot across channels without any need for manual integration work.
● Save your customers the trouble of having to ask the same questions over and over again, as you can offer contextual support by using relevant information.

3. Automated Customer Service

Quick customer service means happy customers. It also implies beneficial interactions that lead to lasting allegiance. Many advantages arise for your company from customer service automation:
● You can now respond to regular inquiries from clients in a timely manner.
● You can effectively manage clients who would rather self-serve than speak with customer support representatives.

4. Customized Promotions

Personalized products are often favored by customers. They feel good about interacting with a brand that offers personalized results. Personalized Promotions are preferred by 71% of respondents. So, you must:

● Use data from chatbot surveys to present customized proposals after gaining a deeper understanding of customer needs.
● Configure your bot to initiate chats with Viber users and get relevant information to customize the offers for clients.

• Customer Analytics

Learning about the behavior of customers is important for businesses to improve customer service. There are several ways for collecting customer information with a Viber chatbot.
● You can create customer profiles by gathering essential data, such as name and contact details.
● Regular and timely push notifications can be sent using the customer profile.

Wrapping it Up

Viber is a fantastic app with lots of business potential. To enhance customer service and guarantee involvement at every step of the process, Gupshup offers a variety of engagement solutions in Viber.

To get a Viber chatbot, you must first get the official API and a verified profile. Gupshup is official viber chatbot builder and can assist with the process. Get in touch with Gupshup to improve the business communication using Viber.

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