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What are 4 causes of Erectile Dysfunction?

What are 4 causes of Erectile Dysfunction?

Did you know that more than 50% of American men suffer from erectile dysfunction, a condition that prevents men from maintaining, achieving, or even having any kind of erection? Even though getting an erection may seem easy, the process of obtaining and maintaining an erection through ejaculation requires the cooperation of numerous bodily systems. Your hormones, muscles, circulatory system, brain, nerves, and emotions are all coordinated in this process.

For this reason, a variety of factors can influence the emergence of ED. Your romantic life is not only put on hold by ED, but it’s also a cause of aggravation and even embarrassment. Our medical professionals at Urology Associates Medical Group in Burbank, California, are experts in assisting men in overcoming the frustration of ED and reclaiming their sex life through the use of various efficient treatments. Tadalista 60 mg, used to cure impotence in men.

We also want you to comprehend some of the factors that contribute to ED and how we can assist in regaining your sexual health. Read on to learn more about the four causes of ED and how we can help.

High Blood Pressure is One (hypertension)

Almost 80% of the time, a medical problem, most frequently chronic high blood pressure, or hypertension, causes ED. Compared to males with normal blood pressure, men with hypertension have an ED risk that is at least two times higher.

Because that men frequently fail to disclose ED to their medical professionals, researchers think that these figures could actually be much higher. Your blood vessels are damaged by hypertension, making it challenging for the arteries that supply your penis to operate regularly.

Your penis can’t receive enough blood to make or maintain an erect position as a result. Compared to males without the disease, individuals with hypertension are twice as likely to have low testosterone levels. Low testosterone can cause erectile dysfunction and decreased libido, but scientists are currently examining the relationship between hypertension and low testosterone.

2. Diabetes type 2

Insulin is used by your body to turn food into energy. Your body is unable to properly utilise this hormone if you have Type 2 diabetes. This raises your blood sugar levels over time, which harms your nervous and circulatory systems. ED is three times as common in men with diabetes as in men without diabetes. In fact, up to 75% of men with Type 2 diabetes also experience sexual dysfunction, according to study.

Scientists are still investigating this association, but they think there are a number of potential causes for this coupling, including:

Damaged nerves prevent the penis from feeling its sensation

Damage to blood vessels, which reduces the blood flow required for erections

The use of drugs that might have an impact on sexual health

The chance of developing type 2 diabetes also rises for a number of other ED-related illnesses, including heart disease.

3. Issues with depression and other mental health

Your chance of developing ED rises if you suffer from depression or another mental health condition, such as anxiety. Your mental health issue may contribute to your ED, or it may create melancholy or anxiety in you. But for the majority of guys, there is a difficult connection between the two.

This is due to the fact that, in most cases, sexual urges and desires originate in the mind rather than the body. Also, both psychological and physical aspects need to cooperate for sexual activity to be successful. Vidalista CT 20mg is the best medicine to treat erectile dysfunction.

Chemical imbalances in the brain can be brought on by mental health conditions like sadness or anxiety. The impulses that travel from your brain to your penis may be disrupted if this takes place. Also, being unable to engage in sexual activity can make you feel anxious or depressed, aggravating ED symptoms.

4. Sleep Problems Such as Sleep Apnea

Your oxygen levels are impacted by sleep disorders like sleep apnea. Your testosterone levels may decrease as a result of them. Sleep issues are closely tied to ED since both oxygen and testosterone are essential for achieving and maintaining healthy erections.

While researchers continue to look into this relationship, they are aware that treating sleep problems, and sleep apnea in particular, has a good impact on ED symptoms. See your doctor about sleep apnea treatment if you have it because it might improve your ED.

Assistance with Erectile Dysfunction

Penile implants, penis pumps, drugs to strengthen and make erections easier to get, and other effective treatments are available to help you enjoy sex once more.

In order to help your body’s natural healing processes, this treatment boosts the production of stem cells and growth factors, which in turn helps vascularize the area around your penis’ base and increase the amount of blood that naturally flows to it.

Make an appointment with a doctor at Urological Associates Medical Group in Burbank, California, if you’re worried about erectile dysfunction.

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