What is an Air Compressor and it uses in a Professional Garage

What are Air Compressors?

If you are planning to open an auto-repair workshop or a professional garage, many suggestions must have poured in for buying an air compressor. We all have heard that it is an important devise to have in a garage; however, do we really understand what an Air Compressor is and what are its uses. Let us find out.

Air Compressors are versatile equipments with variety of applications in its bag. In very simple terms, it converts one form of energy into another that can be stored and can be used later on. In a bit more technical sense, it is a pneumatic device that convert power from various sources such as electric motor, gasoline engine or diesel into potential energy stored in pressurised air i.e. Compressed Air.

As we increase the pressure, attaching it to a system designed to harness it, the compressed air suddenly serves as fuel to variety of tools and applications. Once the kinetic energy generated by compressed air is used, the tank containing it depressurises. When the pressure reaches it lower limit, the compressor turns on once again to re-pressurise the tank. An air pump and the tank works together to operate an air compressor.

How compressed Air Works?

When working with Air Tools or Pneumatic Tools, a bulk of pressure is required for tools to work at their full capacity. Pressure generated by a simple pump is not enough and that’s where air compressor comes into play at professional garages, combining two different systems to create enough strength for the tools.

Professional range of air compressors comprises of a tank and an air pump. The air pump draws in the air and forces it into the tank (serves as a reservoir) that produces the pressure required to operate the tools. Leaving certain variables in action, the general procedure is quite simple. A large pulse of compressed air delivered by tank is potentially much greater than the pump can deliver alone.

Why Your Garage Needs Air Compressor?

Air Compressors are valuable in a wide range of distinct situations. Workshop owners, automobile specialists and many mechanics prefer stationary or portable air compressor for various type of repair jobs. Extremely handy and performing multitude of tasks, this device makes the job easy, efficient and quick. Proven a valuable asset in many industries, let us look at its uses in automobile workshops.

Pressure Washing

With the help of Air compressors washing car is easy and efficient. The high-pressure water force from nozzle can get rid of stubborn dirt in any nook and corner. The water pressure that comes from the nozzle of air compressor is enough to get some serious and professional cleaning done where your hands cannot reach.


Corrosion is a serious problem when dealing with restoration of a vehicle. It is a common phenomenon, which can occur when vehicle is exposed to harsh environmental condition for years. The process of restoration requires removal of the paint and rust and repainting for the premium finishing quality. Using sandblasting, getting rid of old paint and rust from a vehicle is really easy and resourceful.

Pneumatic Tools or Air tools

Pneumatic tools are lightweight and fast with long life but notoriously powerful. They require a strong pressure to operate and work to their maximum capacity. When powered by Air Compressor, the tools offer efficiency and ease of working. Some of the most important tools used in automobile industry include air wrenches, air drills, air ratchets, air saws, paint sprayers, airbrushes, sand blasters, and air sanders.


Be at garages or gas stations, operating tire inflating tools are impossible without air compressors. An essential tool in tyre-inflating business, air pressure generated by air compressor helps to inflate tyres. Selecting the right air compressor can definitely improve productivity. The Complete Guide to Bamboo Muslin Wraps

High-Pressure Dusting and Cleaning

The engine is blocked or cleaning the places that are impossible to access in engine, an air compressor makes the cleaning work simple. Its nozzle end provides enough force to blow off the steeled soot or dirt without any scrubbing, wiping or damage. However, selecting the right air compressor suitable for the job is significant. It helps you clean the parts and places in vehicle where humanly reaching is difficult. With compressed air systems, however, the cleaning and dusting work becomes easy and quick.

Tools you can run with Air Compressors at Your Workshop

Here is a list of air tools you can operate using an air compressor.

Impact Wrench and Ratchet

Be it tightening bolts and nuts or loosening them, impact wrench and ratchet makes it easier and efficient to work with them while repairing any automobile.

Air Hammer

Denting and mending the car or any automobile parts made of metal is now done easy without exerting unnecessary force with pneumatic hand tool called air hammer.

Air Sanders

Air sanders make stripping off the old paint or finish from metal and smoothening the surfaces by abrasion as easy work with little effort.

Air Drills

Lightweight in comparison to its electric counterpart, air drill is a powerful device that allows drilling a hole in hard surface with simplicity without damaging the surface.

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