2 Factor Authentication – Aiding Conventional Security Systems to Combat Criminals

Since the trend of digitalization has emerged, cybercriminals are deliberately trying to find methods in order to agitate business operations. However, cybersecurity professionals are constantly developing technology-enriched precautionary tools and software but all these efforts are of no use as the fraudsters are capable of making hacks to manipulate such systems. The SaaS companies are investing billions in order to create enhanced security infrastructures that can assure ultimate fraud prevention while making businesses self-sufficient to combat cyber crimes precisely.


Whereas, software companies have developed heaps of mobile/desktop applications for financial firms as well as other digital businesses to fight various types of uncertain situations. A solution like customer identity document verification, face verifications, and 2 factors authentication is among the top-notch security solutions that have proven their effectiveness by detecting and eliminating bad actors from the systems.

2FA – Adding Value to Security Systems

While setting passwords the majority of us adopt childish practices which always lead to data breaches. Even many of the businesses, as well as the social platforms, have added extra security measures such as security questions for example “your favorite color” or “what’s your best friend’s name”, but these measures are insufficient and can be easily hacked or guessed by the cybercriminals. Whereas, to fight such unusual activities and risk of breaches the optimum method of enhancing security such as 2-factor authentication is becoming a necessity. It’s not only beneficial for businesses but also for individual entities as identity fraud is surging around the globe.


2FA is also considered as an identity risk management system that is intentionally developed for the digital world of cybercrimes. Although most of the digital businesses, mainly the financial firms, are already integrating two factors into their security systems, fewer companies are not realizing the significance of 2FA and are showing a careless attitude in regard to improving their security measures. Nowadays, for companies it’s getting quite hard to gather personally identifiable information as most of the businesses are operating digitally. Such that conventional security solutions are getting prone to phishing attacks this is why digital businesses must integrate two-factor authentication for robust user verification.


Additionally, 2-factor verification is also helpful to carry out enhanced due diligence procedures in order to fill the gaps to protect accounts confidentiality. Financial institutions, mainly the banking sector, have to store all the clients’ details on which compromises are not tolerable because, in case of such database breaches, criminal activists used abducted information to create fake identities for their financial gains.

Phishing Attacks- Making 2FA  Necessity for Businesses

Today, cybercriminals are sending phishing emails and messages having intentions of abducting information like bank accounts credentials. Such suspicious emails contain messages and links that appear as legitimate sources but in reality, are an attempt to bypass security. The victims then tend to provide all the personal as well as financial information on such illicit forms, thus fraudsters get successful while fooling the end-users. Unfortunately, cybercriminals can access financial accounts as well as are able to carry out transactions. Such scammer groups are able to run their illicit activities due to the absence of 2-factor verification protocols. Just by inputting credentials the fraudster easily takes over victims’ accounts but if accounts are backed with 2FA unauthorized entities can never break into the system and users’ information remains untouched.

The Potency of Two-Factor Authentication to Prevent Frauds

2FA is adding value to the pre-existing security systems that were quite vulnerable to fraud.

Businesses integrating two-factor verification can provide customers with safe and sound digital environments while eradicating the risk of breaches or hacks. For example, at any point customer misplaces the account credentials or a fraudster tend to steal them if 2FA is enabled there is no way the criminal could get into the account because for login purpose OTP code is required which is sent to the customers’ email or number in order to authenticate the login. This is quite beneficial so, several businesses are adopting 2FA to secure companies’ sanctity from frauds.

Helps to Comply with Regulation

Two-factor authentication solution is assisting digital businesses to comply with regulatory obligations such as know your customer and anti-money laundering compliances. This compliance is intentionally established for the financial sectors and states that customer information must be kept utmost protected. To do so 2FA is of great interest.

Protecting Social Accounts

After financial institutions, cybercriminals are deliberately targeting the social platforms to run their illicit activities. The criminals usually hack into the victims’ accounts and make copies of their chats. Then the fraudster blackmails the victims that they would leak their private information in return for financial gains. However, having in mind the adverse consequences the social media sites are now deploying two-factor authentication to protect their users from becoming victims of cybercriminals.

Final Thoughts

Wrapping it up, integrating 2-factor authentication doesn’t require a huge amount, and companies can adopt such technological solutions at ease. It enables businesses to enhance the customer experience and has a high chance of getting trustworthy. Therefore, businesses making efforts to protect customers’ confidentiality will eventually make users happy. Last but not least 2FA would also help out businesses to fight cybercriminals.

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