Best 6 factors that influence the TikTok algorithm

If you are a business, brand, or TikTok creator, you probably want to increase the number of people who see, comment, and like your videos. Remember, the more people who see your video content, the greater your chance of engaging your audience on TikTok and increasing your brand’s exposure.

Using the TikTok algorithm to have your stuff on FYP of many profiles is the key to increasing interaction on your videos. Even if adding #fyp to your description is a great way to be noticed, many more factors are at play. It is essential to understand how TikTok’s algorithm works to get your content seen by more people and get more exposure.

First Factor Of TikTok Algorithm: Hashtags

As previously stated, the FYP(For You Page) is where visitors want to arrive to win the TikTok lottery.

The hashtags #ForYouPage, #Foryou, and #FYP are often seen on popular TikTok videos. The inclusion of any hashtag from this does not, according to TikTok’s algorithmic explanation, guarantee a place on the FYP. It’s still a mystery as to precisely which hashtag is optimal for FYP optimization of your content.

Using the Discover option, you could see which hashtags are currently trending and type them in to see how well they’ve performed in the social media world. Looking for trending hashtags to use right now on social media? If you see a fire symbol next to a hashtag, include that hashtag in your video caption if the video content matches.

Second Factor Of TikTok Algorithm: Captions

TikTok isn’t the place to post an essay like you would on Facebook or Instagram. The best TikTok captions are concise, include important hashtags, and are easy to understand. Due to the nature of TikTok as a mobile-first video network, it is best to keep copy concise and to the point.

Consider posing a question, making a joke, or including a bit of mystery to your content by adopting a part 1 series technique to make your video’s captions more appealing. These topics do well, particularly among TikTok influencers. Being able to start a discussion in your comments has a significant impact on engagement.

The most popular comments on your video content would appear at your comments section’s top, allowing you to stimulate even more discussion as people navigate through TikTok.

Third Factor Of TikTok Algorithm: Trending Sounds & Songs

The sounds and music on TikTok, like hashtags, have a significant role in the discoverability of your video. Use a popular song at the right moment, and your views and likes will skyrocket!

TikTok’s Sounds, on the other hand, are not as immediately accessible as a tab on TikTok’s Discover page. As long as you aren’t actively watching or making video content inside the app, you will need to be more discrete in searching for the most famous music and sounds.

If you’re interested in finding out what songs are currently hot, follow these steps:

Sound effects in the video editor: The video editor on TikTok is where you’ll discover new and trending sounds, as well as popular ones. Click “Sounds” on the plus button at the screen’s bottom to see what’s popular.

Favorites:  Favoriting a sound works similarly to Instagram’s “Saves” feature in that it compiles all of your favorite tracks into one place. For convenience, you may save your favorite sounds by selecting them beneath your username and selecting “Add to Favorites.” You will be glad you did this when you need it the most.

Tracks Your Audience Has Been Listening: To check what tracks your audience has been listening to the most recently, go to the Analytics page on TikTok (available exclusively to TikTok Pro users) and then scroll down; to the Followers tab to see what music they are feeling!

Fourth Factor Of TikTok Algorithm: Audience’s Most Active Time

Post it when your audience is active on the platform to make sure that your video content gets seen. The Pro Accounts on TikTok also provide you access to valuable audience data.

Although TikTok stats aren’t as comprehensive as Instagram’s, don’t be tricked by their superficiality! TikTok provides a wealth of information that may assist you in determining when is the optimum time to upload to TikTok.

Why Some Videos On TikTok Go Viral While Others Don’t

A common occurrence on TikTok is what’s known as the “slow burn” phenomenon, in which something is uploaded, hardly receives any interaction or reach, and then suddenly takes off on TikTok.

Even if your video isn’t new, you may expect it to appear on the TikTok algorithm’s FYP through Flatfitty TikTok fans as more people watch and enjoy it. If a sound gets a lot of attention because of viral video content, your video using the same sounds might get a small spike in views. Though the response may be slow at first, it is worthwhile to wait and monitor your video clips for many weeks after it has been uploaded.

Fifth Factor Of TikTok Algorithm: Video Editing

You can’t dispute the uniqueness of the TikTok video style, which is a great spot where creativity may flourish, and your business can be represented any way you want. To be successful, you need a robust video strategy that draws in viewers, encourages them to watch it again, and spreads the word about it. As a result, videos shared on TikTok that play in a continuous loop may act as an algorithm trigger.

Videos that you have seen three times in a row or video clips you keep returning to are the ones that truly capture an audience’s interest, and the TikTok algorithm might reward you for it. If TikTok is watching this kind of video, it will certainly provide more of it to its viewers. Once you’ve come up with a brilliant idea for video content, it’s well worth your time to invest some time editing your video content on TikTok.

Sixth Factor Of TikTok Algorithm: Location

According to the predictions, TikTok will provide users with hyper-local video content to create a more social feed.

What videos are suggested to users on their For You pages depends a lot on where they are in the world. Because we have a worldwide staff, we’ve been able to look for trends in how we’re presented location-based material and validate them.

Small companies, particularly those aiming to attract Millennials and Gen Z, stand to gain a lot being on TikTok since it may help them raise their brand exposure. Despite this, people have begun to notice (and interact!) with information uploaded near where they are, even if it is just a tiny factor in the TikTok algorithm.

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