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Best Places To Visit In GOA

Goa is a state on the southwest coast of India and it is surrounded by Maharashtra and Karnataka. The capital of Goa is Panji. Formerly Goa was a Portuguese colony with a rich history and has a blend of Indian and Portuguese culture.Goa is different from the rest of India.

Over the years most of the catholics emigrated to the major commercial cities like Pune and Bombay and from there onwards east Africa to Portugal itself and towards the end of the 20th century to Canada, Australia, and other countries. Old Goa is a great place to see the christian culture and art. Attracted by Goa’s life many artists have made their home there.


Panji should be on top of your list of visiting Goa. There are many places that make for an incredible sightseeing tour. There are many popular places to see in Panaji, Goa like-

  • Adil shahi palace
  • Salim Ali bird sanctuary
  • Miramar beach
  • Divar island
  • Shanta durga temple


Margao is a place which you would not miss while planning to visit Goa. There are many places like the Holy spirit church, House of seven gables and damodar temples. All are famous tourists.

If you are planning to visiting Margao you should not miss the place-

  • Holy spirit church
  • House of seven gables
  • Damodar temples
  • Andavas caves
  • Monte hills


If you are planning to visit Goa to spend the time on beaches then Vasco da gama is the best choice to opt. The city Vasco da gama is named after the portuguese explore vasco da gama

Vasco da gama is considered as the commercial hub of Goa. There are several beaches which are the main attraction in goa. Velsao beach, Bogmalo beach, Arossim beach, Hollant beach. Vasco da gama has also visited places like Kesarval waterfall, Naval museum, and so many churches.

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Calangute beach is counted among the most beautiful beaches in Goa. There are snacks, lots of clubs, open air dancing being performed by the people who enjoy sports like water skiing and parasailing. There are popular things to see is Calangute beach, Tibetan Market Alex Church

Calangute beach is also called the queen of beaches.If you love adventure so the calangute beach should be your first pick. Calangute beach offers water activities like parasailing, windsurfing, waterskiing, and water rides. If you love to shop,Calangute has a variety of showrooms like Tibet, Kashmiri, Rajasthan, Indonesia and many others.

Christmas and new year’s time are considered as the best times to visit Calangute beach. Since Calangute is famous for its party culture the beach is renowned for its party on both occasions.


Candolim is similar to Calangute. It attracts tourists because of its beach crowd and noisy party atmosphere. Candolim is considered as a prime attraction in North Goa. Candolim beach starts from the footstep of the aguada fort. It is a busy commercial center. Candolim beach offers a peaceful environment and it also attracts tourists to its water activities like fishing and diving. Overlooking Candolim beach, the Agauda fort is one of the major places to visit in goa. Candolim beach offers many spas, resorts, and homestays. Where one can spend and rejuvenate beach holidays.

There are many things to do in Candolim beach which you won’t miss. Enjoying the sunset from the sand is the main reason to visit in candolim. It looks beautiful,


If you are visiting Goa, Then this  trip is incomplete without visiting Baga beach and soaking in a salt bath in the powerful waves in the baga beach. The food is amazing and the crowd can always be seen. You love to dance and party then the baga beach is a good option. If you are a hard core party lover, this place is heaven to you. Baga beach is one of the happening beaches in north goa.

There are cafes like Cafe tito and cafe mambo that have achieved status among the most important things to do in Baga beach. The night life of baga is vivid and vibrant. Apart from the scenic pleasure, baga offers the ater sport like parasailing, windsurfing, kite surfing. These activities are an attraction for tourists. Baga has several resorts and hotels. Top 10 Places To Visit After Lockdown


Sinquerim beach is worth visiting. Sinquerim is a sandy beach and offers the best water sports in Goa. If you are planning to enjoy scuba diving with friends or want to enjoy windsurfing. Sinquerim beach is  located in south Goa and it is located near famous beaches like Baga, Calangute and candolim. Sinquerim beach is ideal for swimming lovers. Sinquerim beach lies adjacent to the agonda beach. The second key attraction is the Aguada fort, just next to the beach. There are a large number of resorts that provide accommodation facilities.


Goa is a mixture of thrill and fun that is too hard to resist. Goa has spectacular beaches, adventurous water sports, vast dining options, clubs, and pubs all create a lively combination. Goa is a preferred place for youngsters who are hardcore party lovers, it offers the best beaches and night nightlife. You can stay in Goa for a long time. Goa is perfect for artists. Many tourists prefer to explore Goa because it is considered a famous landmark for many tourists. If you love parties then goa is a perfect pick, especially in winters. Goa is a place, you can enjoy casino gaming.

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