Best-selected apps for ensuring maximum productivity

We all try hard to be in control of our own self-conscious minds. The pandemic had made every individual unproductive and disturbed from their routine. Finding the precise time management skill seems like an impossible task, but it’s important to know that without managing your hours, your work will keep piling on. No matter what your occupation is, productivity is needed for getting the underlying work done. Students are the worst affected by the current pandemic, stacking up assignments, and meeting deadlines seems a tough task for them. The callow youth spend the majority of their day time on electronic devices. Analyzing this remark, Here is a list of the best-selected applications that establishes an unrestricted flow of work and encourages productivity. These apps will ensure that your time and tasks are managed adequately.

  1. Todoist

A task management app that is established for both desktops and phones. It is a cloud-based service, where you can perform distinct project labels. This app is available on – Android, iPhone, iPad, macOS, windows, apple watches, any browser extension with the reliable syncing feature. Todoist has a direct and rich user interface, the app is loaded in some of the most incredible features. This app allows you to schedule tasks, dates, add comments, and maintain a task list. Initially, it is a little complex, but once you get ahead of it, Todoist is the best app for managing tasks and ensuring productivity. The more you use this application, the more you will discover extra components which are fun to use. The automatic calendar feature will save you time and the hassle of changing the due event dates every day. Todoist displays notifications of rescheduling assignments based on previous use of history.

  1. nTask

This app can be described as a project and task management software. However, the latest update allows you a new time tracking module that focuses more on handling your hours according to the tasks and an ongoing number of projects. Along with an inbuilt messaging feature, nTask is consolidated with another communication software SLACK with the purpose of third-party participation. This collaboration allows managers and their team members of a firm to schedule meetings as well as form invitations and share them with their respective members and departments. One can also monitor the progress of a task at any point in time. After the completion of the task, users can tick mark the specific task list and supervise their progress record.

  1. Google Forms And Docs

The third app for time management and productivity is google forms and docs. Through this application, students, as well as working employees, can manage their assignments and office reports in one place. It is a classic yet effective platform for storing and distributing text documents such as student reports, assignments, project rates, and more. These applications are free and available on every device and consume brief space too. It allows features such as comment, editing, and modifying when shared with a large number of people in a team and more.

  1. Lucidchart

This application serves by upgrading your productivity rate by offering high-quality visuals and minimalist keyboard shortcut usage. In order to have the maximum benefit of tools, simply create a custom document or you can choose from pre-designed templates too. Start customizing your own visuals and dashboards with available shapes, colors, and layers available for enhancing the app display.

  1. Trello

Another project management app making your chaotic work less stressful and enjoyable. This application is high on visuals but not overwhelming. Users can easily break down their substantial and complex projects into smaller, manageable, and easy chunks to work upon. This is done by creating cards for each task. Each card is arranged into columns representing different levels or phases of the project. When the project is completed, the stack can be easily transferred from one column to another.

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