Popular Universities to Study in the UK

The universities in the UK are measured majorly under three categories. These factors are the student-staff ratio, graduate prospects, and satisfaction of the student. They help in bringing a university to the top. There are hundreds of universities in the UK from which 20 are located in London itself. The prominent universities to study in London are the University of Greenwich, the University of Westminster. Apart from these, the most established institutions are UCL and Imperial College London.

Top Universities in the UK are:-

  • University of Cambridge

It is one of the oldest and most distinguished universities in the world. The University of Cambridge is mainly prominent for excellence in mathematics. Some of the most brilliant scientists took education from the university.  As per the University of Cambridge records, there are approximately 117 Noble laureates who have won 11 medals in mathematics. Getting admission to the University of Cambridge is really tough. They accept less than 25% of the applications submitted.

The important people who graduated from the University of Cambridge are famous politicians, royals, athletes, and politicians. These include Olivia Colman the actress, Charles Darwin the prominent biologist, and many more.

  • Imperial College of London

Imperial College of London is known as the best university in the world popularly for engineering, medicine, business, and science and technology programs. ICL was founded in the year 1907 and consists of students from over 125 nationalities. The graduates from Imperial are either top-level scientists, policymakers, Noble prize winners, or many government officials. Queen’s head physician and HG Wells the famous author are famous alumni of the university.

  • UCL

The campus of UCL is located in Central London in the Bloomsbury area. Almost half of the UCL’s students are international students. The prominent alumni members are the father of the nation Mahatma Gandhi and Alexander Graham Bell the man who invented the telephone. UCL was the first main college in England to allow admissions regardless of class, race, or religion, also the first to grant ladies equivalent standing with men. The UCL is also known to be the most renowned British university that produces high intellect graduates.

  • University of Oxford

The University of Oxford receives a limited number of applications on average as its admission standards are very high. The university has provided higher education to many famous personalities and Indira Gandhi is among them. According to the university, 95% of its students are eligible for either employment or for higher studies only within the tenure of 6 months. The University of Oxford offers a combination of economics, philosophy, and politics as a prominent degree course. At Oxford, there are numerous libraries and museums.

  • London School of Economics

Among all the universities located in the UK, the London School of Economics has the highest number of admissions under the International student category. LSE offers study programs in economics, law, philosophy, history, and politics. Its main campus is located near most of the prominent institutions such as the British Museum, Lincoln’s Inn, and many more. London School of Economics campus is situated in the Clare Market. LSE unlike any other top university in London has high admission standards and imparts admission to the outstanding students only. The prominent personalities that completed their higher education from LSE are George Soros and Nelson Mandela. Even, our own Dr. Ambedkar has worked on a thesis in LSE.

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