Best Virtual Event Platform to Host Virtual Events

Due to the pandemic, the virtual event market is growing at a fast pace. With the introduction of several platforms, it has become hard to choose the right platform. And we are still thinking, where to host our virtual event?

Well, there are many things to consider while choosing a platform to host your virtual event.

Based on our research and analysis, we have listed some Best Virtual Event Platforms to Host Virtual Events-


Dreamcast was launched in 2010 with a specialization in Livestream and broadcasting pre-recorded content. Now that virtual event platforms are booming, Dreamcast has upgraded its technical features. It can configure a virtual event platform with total customization as per the customer’s needs.

The introduction of features like gamification, live chat, live polls, AI-powered matchmaking tool, data analytics, social media integration, and networking table encourages the event organizers to choose Dreamcast and host their virtual events. They make the platform dynamic with the designs, colors, and logo to engage the audience more. They also have reliable and active customer support.

The team of Dreamcast understands the complexities of every event and hurdles that come in its execution. Thus, they designed the platform in such a way that it minimizes the challenges and elevates the users’ experiences with creativity and uniqueness.

Get in touch with Dreamcast to host your virtual event and expand your audience globally with its most engaging and networking features.


Eventcube was established in 2014 to provide features like white label ticketing and registration to corporate conferences, music festivals, university fests, etc. Since then, Eventcube has enhanced its technical features.

A virtual venue is a dedicated software designed by Eventcube. With the features – virtual interaction, live chat, hosting, ticketing, registration, and white labeling; it aims to reconnect the audience and host in the difficult times of the pandemic.


According to Growjo’s list of 10,000 fastest-growing companies, Airmeet is number 5. The virtual platform from Airmeet is easy to use as an event attendee and event organizer. Airmeet can organize the event at a large scale of up to 100k attendees. Airmeet integrates with Stripe to sell the tickets. Though, certain features like event reporting and networking features need to be improved. Attendees cannot send the files in the chat window of the networking table feature.


FILO offers many customized features with the integrations to build the event. FILO enables its users to access all the resources in one place. It saves your time in opening different tabs.

FILO encourages its customers to host not only large virtual events but also small meetings and gatherings like product launches, leadership summits, and day-to-day sales collaboration. Features like providing roles and permissions, networking, personal/ group chat, embedding documents, and agendas to keep the audience engaged.


InEvent is another virtual event platform that offers the customization feature in its website, registration forms, and event lobby. At every step, it enables customization to bring brand awareness to the event. With end-to-end event management, every aspect of the event is being taken care of. Planning, registration, marketing, engagement, networking, and data analytics are the different aspects under the control of InEvent. Live captions and sign language offered in the virtual event help the handicaps to attend the event. With the easy installation of the mobile application, attendees can enjoy the event content easily on their mobile phones.


Imagine a virtual platform where you walk through the venue and interact with the different elements of the event like exhibitor booths, help desk, and tech desk at reception, reading the agenda of the event, etc. Their specialization in designing the virtual event platform exactly like an on-site makes them differentiated from other competitors.

Another feature is that when a virtual booth is busy, it showcases the crowd around it. It makes the audience curious why there is a crowd around this booth. It is the best strategy to promote the sponsors and attract more sponsors.

Virtual and on-site attendees can interact with each other in the hybrid events on the Orbit platform. It is a very different feature to gain real-time experiences.


Bizzabo is a great platform to organize hybrid events that is a current need of the market. Some of the features offered by Bizzabo are multi-track agendas, access to unlimited attendees, multilingual support, integration of your CRM or marketing tools, live chat, and virtual interaction among the attendees and sponsors.

Some popular companies which worked with Bizzaro are Adobe, Uber, Forbes, Drift, Outreach, Hubspot, and Coindesk.


Hopin works with a focus on networking that matches people with relevant interests. Hopin conducts the virtual conferences with customization as per the requirements of the event organizers.

The breakout sessions in the middle of the event allow virtual interaction via audio/video calls or live chat. It could be one-to-one or in a group. The full-fledged virtual events hosted by Hopin include a virtual stage, breakout sessions, a virtual lobby, and exhibitors’ booths. Up to 2000 participants can engage in the virtual events through Hopin.

Some brands that worked with Hopin are Slack, Dell, Product Hunt, TechCrunch, and Unilever.


Accelevents enables event organizers to host virtual and hybrid events platforms for creating connections and networking with sustainable growth.

The interactive set of features like attending multiple breakout sessions, live polls, engaging within workshops, interacting with exhibitors and attendees virtually, downloading files, and engaging in live chat keeps the audience engaged for a longer duration.


The dynamic and 3D visuals configured on the vFairs’ virtual platform make the attendees feel like they are attending the on-site event. The virtual auditorium comprises ample space to display the sponsors’ booths with high impact.

Choose vFairs if you want to host mid to large-scale events with different features like networking and games. Their project manager works with the event organizers throughout the event and guides the best possible ways to make it memorable.

Wrapping Up

Choosing the perfect platform for hosting a virtual event can be confusing. Hopefully, this article gave you deep insights and assisted you in determining where to host a virtual event.

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