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Some Free Online Options for Converting OLM to PST

The user interface and functionality of Outlook for Windows and Outlook for Mac are very similar. The distinction is that Outlook for Windows saves user mailbox data in PST files (OST files when connected to Exchange). Outlook for Mac, on the other hand, saves user mailbox data in OLM files.

What are The Benefits of Converting OLM to PST?

Before we go into the procedure for converting OLM to PST, let’s have a look at why this conversion is necessary.

  • If you previously used Outlook on a Mac, you will need to switch to Windows Outlook for a variety of reasons. In this case, you’ll have to manually convert OLM to PST expert suggested.


  • If you have received an OLM file from someone but are unable to access or inspect it on your Windows Outlook. In this case, you’ll need to convert OLM to PST in order to see the data in the OLM file.

These are some of the reasons for converting OLM to PST. Let’s look at the steps for converting OLM to PST now.

How to Manually Convert OLM to PST

A single procedure is broken into four steps in this manual approach. To do so, you must complete all four steps.

Step 1: Create an IMAP account first.

Opening Gmail or another webmail account first.
On the Settings menu, choose Forwarding and POP/IMAP.
Then, verify the status of IMAP; if it isn’t enabled, enable it and save the modifications.

Step 2: Configure Mac Outlook with an IMAP account.

  • To begin, open Outlook (on a Mac) and go to the Tools Tab, then Accounts.
  • Select Email from the drop-down menu and input your credentials.
  • Choose Add Account after entering the IMAP server, choosing an SSL connection with the
    SMTP server, with port number 465.

Step 3: Export emails from Outlook for Mac to an IMAP account.

  • Open Outlook on your Mac and select the item you want to move.
  • Right-click the chosen folder and choose Copy to Folder from the context menu.
  • After locating the name of your IMAP folder, select Copy.
  • Now, utilize the Send/Receive button to update the IMAP folder, which will populate with all of your OLM emails. appear in the IMAP account right away.

Step 4: Configure Outlook on Windows to use the same IMAP account.

  • Select Mail >> Email Accounts >> New from the Control Panel.
  • Tap Next after selecting and manually configuring server parameters.
  • Select IMAP/POP and click Next to proceed.
  • After entering your IMAP credentials and selecting inbound and outboud servers, tap on More Settings.
    Choose the SSL connection and type 465 as the SMPT server port number.
  • Select SSL and enter 993 as the IMAP server’s port number in the Advanced Tab.
    Finally, press Next, and then Finish after a few moments.

If you follow all four stages carefully, you will notice that it is one of the most efficient ways to convert OLM to PST. Furthermore, there are some flaws in this manual process that can cause severe issues throughout the conversion.

During the Conversion Process, there are some disadvantages to using the Manual Method.

  • It is possible that inconsistencies and data loss will occur throughout the converting procedure. As a result, make a backup of the OLM file before starting the conversion.
  • It is a time-consuming operation that also necessitates technical knowledge.
  • For corrupted OLM files, the manual procedure is ineffective.

These are the disadvantages of using the manual method. We will offer the finest OLM to PST converter to help you overcome the disadvantages.

Exporting OLM to PST in a Direct Way

A comprehensive and multi-functional application for the export of Mac OLM files to the Outlook pst offers the OLM to PST converter solution. This program transforms all Mac Outlook mail elements to PST, MBOX, EML, and MSG file formats for Windows Outlook. Not only does this program convert, it offers a thorough way to deal with problematic OLM files in Mac Outlook.

The Direct Approach’s most useful Essential Aspects

  • Automatically searches the system record for Mac Outlook OLM files.
  • Users can inspect the retrieved data before storing it using the preview option.
  • In MS Outlook, add the freshly produced PST file to the profile.
  • With an individual date range filtering option, you may save only the OLM files you require.
  • The free OLM to PST converter is available to help you decide whether or not to purchase the software. The saving option is disabled in the free full version of OLM to PST converter.
  • It is not necessary to install Outlook in order to complete the converting process.

Final Conclusions

This post has discussed every possible and free method for converting OLM to PST files. Additionally, we offered an automated method and discussed several of its key properties. You are free to use any of the solutions evaluated according to your needs. Everything You Need To Know About 5g

I hope this information will assist you in converting OLM to PST.

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