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Fact About Popular Internet Celebrity:

An internet influencer is also known as a social media influencer, who developed their fame through the internet. Popular influencers are found on popular platforms on the internet. Like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, tik tok, Snapchat and youtube. They promote particular lifestyles, fashion, food blogging, makeup, etc. We come across this type of social media influencer.

1. Bloggers:

Blogger has their own social media platform. Where they share their views on individual things. Blogging can be seen as a social networking service. bloggers not only produce their posts or content, but they also build good relations with other bloggers and their audience. When bloggers post enough unique content and regularly interesting videos or something, people reach them they get paid. Bloggers usually post on youtube and Instagram.  Here is some famous blogger name.

●    Food blogging:

Nisha Madhulika is the most popular food blogger in India. She is a restaurant consultant, chef, and successful YouTuber. There are many types of food blogging food and travel. Some bloggers going to different places, restaurants and share the food quality, continuity, taste of the food price of the food. They tell us their view on it. Top 7 Types of Digital Advertising Agencies

●    Fitness blogger:

Fitness bloggers share with us advice, information, and healthy habits that are good for our health. Ines De Ramon is an American health coach and social media influencer. 125k is her Instagram family. She is also known as Paul Wesley’s wife.

●     Travel blogger:

Travel blogger shares their experience. About the total budget, offering travel hacks, destinations, hotels. Matt Kepnes of Nomadic Matt is the highest-paid blogger. He earns more than 50,000 USD per month.

2. Instagram creator:

Instagram creators have a high-profile account. Anyone can be an Instagram creator. They just need interesting content. What people like to watch. Samnite Sing is the youngest fitness influencer on Instagram.

●    Which category is famous on Instagram:

There is a different category of content on Instagram. But the most popular content on Instagram is Fashion. Last year garments, shoes, bags, dresses are most popular than anything else. Fashion found more than half-billion posts.

3. Most popular creator on Social media:

Cristiano Ronaldo is the most popular creator on Instagram. He has 349M followers on his account. He is a football player. Kylie Jenner is also one of the most popular Instagram models.  Kylie creates her own cosmetic brand in 2017. She promotes her own cosmetic on her account. she has 272M followers on her Instagram. Salena Gomez is an American singer. She has 265M followers on her Instagram account. They are mega influencers. Sometimes people like to watch and be interested in a celebrity family. They have also followers. like some celebrities’ wives and children also followed by the public. Avielle janelle Hernendez is a celebrity kid. She is the daughter of Aaron Hernandez. 242k is her followers.

Tik Tok popular user:

Tik Tok is a very popular app. Where Tik Tok user-posted a small story video. kids to adults anyone can post their video. That TikTok user who got the popular creator tag gets more traffic on their profile. They called TikTok celebrities. Khaby Lame is the most popular creator in TikTok. 90.2M followers, 1.3 billion likes. Nisha Guragain(21.7M), Arishfa Khan(20.7M), Jannat Zubair(20.3M) they are a most popular creator on TikTok.

Facebook popular user:

In the Facebook platform, many users show their skills. Football player Cristiano Ronaldo has the most followers on Facebook. 149M people follow him on Facebook.


Twitter is another social media platform. Where Barack Obama is the most popular. He has 130M followers in his Account.


In different platforms, different content is followed by people. They might be singers, dancers, actresses, funny video creators. Social media welcome everyone to show their talent.


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