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Top 7 Types of Digital Advertising Agencies

Digital advertising (or marketing) is the process to reach out to customers online and build relationships over a wide range of mediums and acquiring them to make a purchase. Significant results have been noticed with digital advertising. Blogging help brands to receive 67 per cent whereas SEO brings out a conversion rate of 14.6 per cent more leads as compared to other outbound methods. Different tactics, strategies, and tools have been used by digital advertising agencies to assist businesses to achieve sales goals.

In this article, we will discuss the major seven types of digital advertising agencies and the services they provide.

Digital Advertising Agency

A digital advertising agency utilizes multi-channel marketing, single-channel marketing, or omnichannel marketing to reach customers online. With the help of single-channel and multi-channel marketing, agencies connect with customers via different channels such as emails, blogs, websites, and social media platforms. On the other hand, omnichannel marketing provides a flawless customer experience via different channels and devices all through the life cycle. They don’t offer traditional marketing services.

Inbound Advertising Agency

An inbound advertising agency uses inbound marketing strategies and tactics and is different from traditional outbound tactics. They find out to place an online business where its customers can easily find them. Over time, the customers build trust over them and the company generates sales. The inbound tactics can lead to significant results over time, but they need a longer duration to generate leads and sales.

Full-Service Digital Advertising Agency

This type of digital advertising agency is larger than other types of agencies. It also offers a wide range of digital advertising services. Most businesses like to work with full-service digital advertising agencies as they are experienced in doing particular projects that companies need to complete. These services may incorporate website resigning or lead nurture campaigns. Full-service agencies also work to add on particular services to existing advertising departments at lower pieces than offered by new hires.

SEO Agency

Digital advertising agencies that are specialized in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) are known as SEO agencies. They assist clients to deal with websites and website content to rank higher on search results. These agencies are specialized in the following services:

  • Backlink audits
  • Website audits
  • Keyword research
  • Metadata assessment
  • Link building
  • Content of website and blog
  • Video description optimization
  • and many more

SEO agencies use a number of website developer tools and data analytics such as Google Analytics, SEM Rush, Google Search Console, and Moz. They are the early adopters of the recent changes that occurred in the search engines that include compliance and Google algorithms.

Online Ad Agency (PPC)

Also known as paid advertising, paid search is an effective way to generate website traffic. These include spending money on keywords and placement of ads in the search results. These advertisements can appear on the search result pages, social media channels, and websites to bring quick leads. But the company must be properly set up to generate leads after reaching the target audience.

These agencies concentrate on online ads, getting attention, and ads optimizations that lead to best practices. Though PPC can work alone, it works better when coupled with a long term strategy that is able to capitalize on the generated traffic. The evolving field – digital marketing in advertisement industry

Web Design Agency

These agencies are filled with creative designers that construct optimized and customized websites for different businesses. These designers control the feel, functionality, and look of the website. Web design agencies work for small projects, new websites, or a redesign of a website. The services offered by web design agencies incorporate UI designing, image creation and storage, web hosting, and web development.

Social Media Agency

Social media agencies help out businesses when they need to establish and maintain a presence on social media. They can produce and manage social content and set up ads on different social media platforms including Instagram, Facebook, etc. They also offer different services related to reacting and responding to the feedbacks of customers on social media. These agencies also outreach influencers for affiliate marketing or product promotion.


A digital advertising agency acts as a valuable partner for your business, from lead generations and website optimizations to online feedback responding of customers. These agencies are well aware of the latest trends, best tools, practices, and strategies in online marketing that will lead your company to success.

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