NFT Marketing In 2021

NFT is a hot topic seemingly everyone cannot get enough of. These digital assets exploded on the internet and are selling like hotcakes. There are even some selling for significantly high prices. But, what’s the big deal about NFTs, and how are they beneficial to the company? Is it possible to develop an NFT marketing campaign for a business?

We asked these questions, and after pondering them for some time, we found the answers. Time to dive into the details

NFTs explained

Before we consider an NFT marketing plan, the first thing we should know about is the definition of NFTs. Kindly note, an NFT is not a digital currency, although they share similar properties to Bitcoin and Ethereum. The most significant difference between NFTs and crypto is that they are non-fungible tokens.

An NFT is a digital item you can buy or sell. NFTs come with a certification that makes you the sole owner of the asset. An NFT can be a photo, video, audio clip, meme, post, content, article, code, etc. The best thing about NFTs is that you can turn any digital asset into an NFT. Smart people are using this method and minting a profit.

It’s not just people using NFTs to make money, and businesses are also cashing in on this trend.

NFTs for branding

Brands love to use trending topics to turn a profit, and NFTs are no exception. Many businesses see the potential NFTs provide and are incorporating them into their services. Some enterprises use NFTs to purchase or sell digital files; however, there is plenty of ways to utilize this technology. For example, a fashion store can use NFTs to represent virtual fashion items like shoes and clothes. A real estate company can turn real estate into NFTs. There is virtually no limit to what a creative brand can do with NFTs.

You might be wondering about effectively building an NFT marketing plan and may consider it impossible. However, it is possible, and there are plenty of approaches. The spike in NFTs popularity and the widespread adoption of NFTs make it possible to build multiple NFT marketing plans with different techniques.

In short, you can use NFTs to enhance conversion and boost income through

  • Increasing brand awareness
  • Developing a top-notch brand experience
  • Actively engaging with customers
  • Increasing attention to products and your company

One reason why NFTs are such a big topic is their potential to bring in a significant profit. You don’t have to buy art or videos to join the NFT hype train- they are for everyone regardless of the industry they’re in.

If you want to maximize the potential of NFTs, then always follow this rule: attract a lot of attention through original campaigns. If you combine this rule with a solid NFT marketing plan, you can achieve maximum success.

An NFT marketing plan for 2021

Creators and businesses are always looking out for new and innovative ways to advertise their NFT projects. Though NFTs are a new product to market, there are multiple tried and tested methods to follow. The rules for an NFT marketing plan are similar to any other product, with a few deviations.

One way to succeed in NFT marketing is investing in a high-quality marketing strategy. Marketing focuses on communication; hence it is vital to communicate with the audience.

Here are some tips and tricks you can use to establish contact and engage with the audience

Grow a community

Growing a community might sound old, but there’s a reason every marketing plan revolves around it. A trending subject like NFTs means that not everyone will know about it. Non-fungible tokens are still a novelty, so providing insight into this technology is sure to attract an audience.

You can share educational content about the benefits and pitfalls of NFTs, and provide insights into how people can use them to their advantage. This approach will attract the required audience.

Utilize platforms like telegram, Facebook, Discord and BitCoinTalk to their fullest. These sites can help you build a steady foundation.

Work together with influencers

Influencer marketing is relatively new but a widely accepted form of digital marketing. Online celebrities amassed a strong following, and people tend to buy a product if a trusted source endorses it. Influencer marketing is the new way businesses connect and advertise their products to the masses. These people can boost your revenue and bring in more people to your platform.

First, find an industry influencer in line with your product and have them slowly start advertising your product on their social media. That way, they create awareness for your brand and bring in more people.

Utilize Email marketing

Email marketing is a strategy as old as building a community. There is a reason why many marketing plans involve Email marketing. The approach is an ideal way to engage the audience and keep them updated on any NFT activity.

You can use email marketing to inform people about potential sales, upcoming projects or educational content. The trick here is to move away from generic content and go for something that engages the audience.

Be active on multiple NFT marketplaces

Selling NFTs requires you to have an account on an NFT marketplace. It is advised to have an account on multiple marketplaces. This approach helps you reach a broader audience and generate greater awareness.

The top NFT marketplaces are Rarible, Foundation, OpenSea, SuperRare, and Enjin

Conduct AMA sessions

AMA or Ask Me Anything sessions present an efficient way for companies or brands to interact with their audience. The audience can ask questions relating to NFTs and showcase their knowledge and insight on the products. Providing rewards for every participant is also a great way to increase attendance for the next event.

You can opt for physical AMA sessions or online ones.

Start PPC campaigns

Social media is an ideal platform for generating new leads. It is the best place for digital marketing and attracting a broad audience. Consider platforms like Google, Twitter, YouTube, Linked In and Facebook to launching the campaigns.

Also, ensure that you target the correct audience that has an interest in NFTs. Create personalized, engaging and stellar ads that capture the attention. You can complete this process by yourself or turn to a renowned NFT marketing agency.

Increase visibility through content marketing

Use content marketing to enhance your brand’s prospects. Strive to explain your ideas in a simple format. You can use tools like infographics, F2F interviews with industry experts, credible research articles, educational posts, etc.

Creativity is critical here, and using a creative approach to content marketing will benefit you.

Use SEO and increase page rankings

This tip is an old but equally essential trick to use in your NFT marketing plan. Maintain organic visibility in your niche, and you will constantly attract an audience. Typically, an NFT buyer uses Google and other search engines to decide what to invest in.

Consistently maintain a high SEO ranking, and you always have an audience flocking to your platform.

Improve the conversion rate optimization

Now, it is time to think about conversion rate optimization or CRO. While SEO brings people to the pages, CRO will get people to buy your product. Top 5 NFT projects to watch out in 2021

This process requires extensive testing to see how people react to your page. A review and testimonial page will help you understand the site’s weaknesses and make improvements. Also, consider using pop-ups and increase user engagement. There are multiple ways you can increase the page’s CRO, so see which one suits you best before proceeding.


You can think of NFTs like the famous gold rush in North America. While companies are wrapping their heads around this prospect, others are taking full advantage of it. Be the type to take advantage of this technology with a new and innovative project. That way, you can reap the benefits and earn a profit.

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