Step-by-step Guide for Formatting Windows System

Formatting Windows System

You want to format your Windows 10 computer without a CD, right? Learn the most efficient ways to format Windows 10 without a CD by reading this article.

You might wish to format your Windows 10 computer or laptop if it is acting sluggishly or has other issues. Instead, you can decide to format your system in order to sell it or otherwise get rid of it. Whatever the condition, formatting Windows system is simple. Learn how to format Windows 10 without even utilising a CD or repair disc by reading this post. Let’s get going!

In the event that you format a Windows 10 PC, your data won’t be totally destroyed. The data is still retrievable even after you format your system. Thus, instead of simply deleting your sensitive data, use a strong data erasure tool to completely remove it from existence.

Windows 10 formatting techniques without a CD

You can use one of three techniques to format your Windows 10 computer without a CD.

  • Reset your PC and do a full format


With the Windows partitions, choose “Full Format”. It will assist you in completely formatting the drive partitions and scanning them for damaged sectors. Yet, depending on the size of the Windows partition, it would take many hours. With the “Reset this Computer” software, you can completely format your computer. You can use this built-in Windows tool to completely purge your system drive. Follow the given steps:

  • Choose Update & Security after going to Settings.
  • Then select Get Started under Recovery.
  • To delete everything of your system data, including system settings, applications, software, drivers, etc., select “Remove everything” on the next window.
  • Choose “Remove your files” from the list. This is speedier but less secure’ or ‘Delete all files just from the driver where Windows is installed.’
  • Click Next after a caution notice appears on the screen.
  • Next, after being prompted to Reset, choose Continue.
  • Once done, close the window and restart your machine.
  • You will format your copy of Windows.

  • Quick Format

The most popular format option for erasing access to files stored on a drive is quick format. You may easily format the Windows 10 HDD by following the instructions provided.

  • Using Disk Management, you may easily format the Windows 10 partition to erase its data and create a fresh storage space. Adhere to the instructions:
  • Type “Create and format hard disc partitions” into the Windows Search box to bring up the box.
  • Format the drive partition by selecting it with the right mouse button.
  • In the “Value label” field, change the storage’s name.
  • Then, select the NTFS option under “File system” (recommended for Windows 10).
  • Following that, pick Default under “Allocation unit size” by clicking there.
  • Decide on “Perform a fast format” and check the box.

It should be noted that a quick format will swiftly clean the drive but won’t check for errors.

  • Click OK > OK after deselecting Enable file and folder compression.

Keep in mind that a quick format replaces the old file system with a new one, making it simple for a data recovery programme to retrieve the data. So, for security purposes, we suggest you to erase data rather than just format it.

Use BitRaser File Eraser to delete data instead of formatting it.

Data can’t be recovered after an erase. This procedure ensures that the present data is permanently lost with not the tiniest prospect of recovery by overwriting it with zeros, ones, or random patterns across all sectors of the system drive. A powerful data erasing application, like BitRaser File Eraser, can also be used to permanently delete data from Windows 10.

It is a tool for DIY data erasure that may fully delete all of the data on your machine, including files, folders, pictures, audio files, movies, and more. To assure safe erasing, it employs methods based on US Department of Defense Guidelines. It protects your data from being stolen or falling into the wrong hands by permanently erasing all traces of it. Use the instructions below to completely delete Windows 10 without a CD:

  • BitRaser File Eraser should be installed and executed on a Windows 10 computer.
  • Choose Erase Deleted Data > Erase Now to remove data that has been erased using the Shift + Del keyboard shortcut or by emptying the recycle bin.
  • To safely delete particular files or folders, select “Erase Files & Folders”.
  • Also, you may use the Scheduler to delete files, directories, internet browser history, programme and system traces, and more.
  • The software will automatically launch the Scheduler to complete data erasure at the already planned date and time.


The greatest methods for formatting Windows 10 without a CD have been covered. You can decide to format your computer to get rid of malware or to solve other issues. Don’t just format your computer when you wish to sell, give it away, or dispose of it; instead, completely delete all of its data. Use effective data erasure solutions, like BitRaser File Eraser, to secure your privacy and guarantee data protection. This DIY tool successfully and irrecoverably deletes all types of data.

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