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The Best Winter Trek In India

Hampta Pass Trek

Hampta trek is one of most awe- inspiring treks in Kullu, Himachal Pradesh. Hampta pass offers the breathtaking view of Himalayas from the different sides.One of the highlights of the Hampta Pass trek is to visit the high altitude of Chandratal lake in spiti.

The Hampa trek has a moderate difficulty which can be preferred by both beginner and experienced. Hampta trek is a dreamland for those who love to travel and trekking. In hampta pass the landscape changes vividly in every hour of walking. Hampta pass is at 4270 altitude which lies on the pir panjal range.there are a variety of wild flowers and herbs which can be seen at 3000m altitude.

There is a place called Valley of flowers in the Hampta Pass trek. It is also believed to be the place from where hanuman brought the magical herb for lakshman in the himdu epic ramayana. In the valley of flowers we could see the vivid flowers. A perfect meadow consists of different kinds of flowers with rich vivid colors , you will get to see this if you do a hampta pass trek in Monsoon.

People who choose to do trek post monson you will be amazed by the colorful valley with green grass and wildflowers. The trek of hampta pass is incomplete without any of its many stream crossings. Because of the high altitude and cold weather, the stream and rivers run down from the glaciers.

Kedarkantha Trek

Kedarkantha trek is covered with snow in December so it is considered as one of the best winter treks in india. Experienced trekkers would always recommend kedarkantha trek in uttarakhand. It offers a mesmerizing view in the winters. Kedarkantha trek is best to visit for those who love snow.

The trek to Kedarkantha starts arriving at Sankri then goes with basecamp via juda ka talab then Kedarkantha summit and back to base camp, stays in camp. Then we have to go down to Sankri.

According to Indian mythology, Lord Shiva was wandering in Kedarkantha in his bull avatar to hide from Pandava.

Kedrakantha trek is an easy to moderate trek so you can keep your travel back upto 10-12kg during trekking.  If you are trekking lover and heading to Kedarkantha trek then make sure to take a good camera with you as there will be the vast opportunities to to click the photographs of snow- clad. Trekking in monsoon should be avoided which could lead to landslides and road blocks. Top 10 Places to visit in Bangalore

Panwali Kantha Trek

Panwali Kantha trek is one of the best treks in Tehri garhwal. Panwali kantha trek is ideal for beginners.  Apart from the exhilarating bugyals, there are a variety of flowers and herbs that are fascinating about it. Panwali kantha trek remains different in different seasons. Since its altitude is not that much, it is going to give you a perfect experience. Panwali kantha trek route is not defined, you can reach this place from sonprayag and ghuttu too. However, excessive snowfall in both the route during winters are avoidable.

Since the trek route is short, you don’t need to prepare, but Heavy snow can block the route at any time.

In the monsoon you will find excellent greenery. The greenery is so prominent in the hue that you will feel that no other color is not reaching your eyes. Birds and flowers are ready to make the environment more charming. Th ewhite peak covered under the snow under the blue sky will seem like a picture drawn by an artist over the canvas. Fauna in the land is also good. You will see the Himalayan bears, rare-musk deer. Local people say that the land is the wedding place eor lord shiva and devi parvati. After exploring this place you will not be able to deny going to that place again.

Nag Tibba Trek

Nag tibba is the highest peak in uttarakhand. If you are an adventure lover then you must head to Nag Tibba once in your life. Nag tibba is a beginner level trek and it is near the charming hill station.

Nag tibba means the serpent’s peak and is the abode of God. This trek starts from the quiet village of patwari  and it runs through the dense oak forests on the snow-clad. After trekking around 5 km the forest opens up to a small mandir which is called Nag mandir, it is the center of it, and offers a mesmerizing view of the peak. The best time to go and explore this trek is between December to march. During these months snow-laden can be challenging for trekkers to navigate in some sections.

This trek can be more enjoyable if you do it over a span of three days.

The itinerary to Nag tibba trek-

-Drive to pantwari and trek head to Nag mandir

-Nag mandir composite to Nag tibba summit

-Nag mandir comsite to Panwari

Brahmatal Trek

Trekking in Brahmatal is one of the most preferred destinations. When we think about trekking in winters then Brahmatal trek could be the right choice to trek. Brahmatal is a lake in the depths of Himalayas. It is considered to be the best treks for beginners. You will get the privilege to walk on the blanket of snow.

The best time to enjoy this trek is December to March. The view of the top of the summit will take you to a fairyland.  This trek provides a view of Mount Nanda ghunti and Mount trishul. The 360 degree mesmerized view from the summit.

Brahmatal trek is considered a oldest and classic winter trek.It has numbeous mountain peaks that it carries within itself.


Right from the haridwar to kedarnath and kedarnath to badrinath, uttarakhand brings in a lot of religious people together. Trekking in winters is an altogether different experience. From the lash green forest to the heavy snow-laden composite everything can be enjoyed in the winters.

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